Chapter 1565: “Let’s Have a Good Game (5)”

    Chapter 1565: "Let's Have a Good Game (5)"

    If Lin Hao Yu could make Gu Xin Yan stay away from Jun Wu Xie, why would he make himself stay behind to tell Jun Wu all that he said? Jun Wu's words had struck a raw nerve which made him grit his teeth tight but was still helpless to do anything about it.

    After Gu Xin Yan had seen what Jun Wu's Spirit Reinforcement could do, how could she ever want to give up on wanting to win the kid over to the Blood Fiend Palace?

    Lin Hao Yu was almost going to vomit out blood from the rage surging within him.

    But that was just merely the very beginning.

    After Jun Wu Xie got back to her room, she summoned Ye Sha and Ye Gu.

    "Young Miss." The two men knelt before Jun Wu Xie. Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit who were held within the two men's arms immediately took that opportunity to jump out, scuttling at great speed to go right beside Jun Wu Xie's feet to put on their more adorable looks to seek hugs from Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie patiently carried both dumb beasts into her arms and cuddled them for a long while.

    After that, Jun Wu Xie went on to say: "The two of you help me pass a message to Dumb Qiao and the others."

    "Yes, Young Miss."

    Qiao Chu had just returned to his room. The freshmen from the Cloudy Brook Academy had been highly rowdy the past few days and as one of the few most noticed disciples, Qiao Chu was feeling like a crane among a flock of chickens among the youths of the Flame Demons Palace, having been subjected to all kinds of flattery and compliments from them all. To someone with his kind of personality, being fawned upon like that felt great at first but he could not help but feel a little unused to it.

    "Young Master Qiao." The figure of Ye Sha suddenly appeared within Qiao Chu's room.

    Qiao Chu's face immediately split into a wide grin filled with delight. "Big Brother Ye Sha!"

    Compared to all those endless flattery and fawning youths, Qiao Chu very much prefered to be together with Ye Sha and all the others. Despite his powers being inferior to Ye Sha, he felt a whole lot more at home with that bunch.

    "Is Young Master Qiao doing well?" Ye Sha then asked.

    Qiao Chu sighed heavily, unable to help himself as he lamented mournfully: "Well! ? Sheesh! The entire bunch of them are just so tiresome! I have never met a more irritating bunch!" Qiao Chu really could no longer stand all those boot licking toadies. He really could not understand. As an entire bunch of youths who were all largely similar in age, why must everyone of them scheme and plot so much? If they all just treated him normally, he wouldn't need to feel so frustrated.

    The deliberate flattery the youths all heaped upon him had made Qiao Chu feel rather tired of them.

    In fact, such a situation was to be expected. With the magnificent display Qiao Chu had put up in the Battle of Deities Grand Meet, it had led him to become the most prominent and highly valued disciple among the freshmen of the Flame Demons Palace. The other youths picked by the Flame Demons Palace were not that stupid and they knew that they could not compare to Qiao Chu in anyway. They know that Qiao Chu would surely soar to great heights within the Flame Demons Palace in the future and they wanted to get the first foot in by establishing a good relationship with him, to lay a foundation stone for their own future.

    But though they understood that concept, the youths were afterall still a little too green. The manner they used to try to win Qiao Chu's friendship was much too blatant and obvious which already tired Qiao Chu out just by feigning innocence.

    Ye Sha was helpless against Qiao Chu's laments. This bunch of little companions that Jun Wu Xie had were all rather honest and upright people, and faced with these hypocritical and circuitous vipers, they weren't all that skilled in dealing with them.

    "Young Miss has a message she wants me to pass to you."

    "Oh?" When Qiao Chu heard that Jun Wu Xie has something to say to him, he immediately perked up.

    He knew very well what Jun Wu Xie's situation in the Cloudy Brook Academy was like. There were so many instances that he wanted to just charge forward to shield his little companion from the storm but had no choice but to restrain himself, forcing himself to endure it for the sake of the bigger task they had planned in the future.

    "What did she say? Quick, quick! Tell me!"

    Ye Sha whispered some words in Qiao Chu's ear and Qiao Chu's face immediately broke into an expression of shock and delight.

    "Haha! Our Little Xie is just downright evil! But I like it! You can go tell her to rest assured. I will settle all of this well and proper." Qiao Chu said, thumping himself on the chest in guarantee.

    Ye Sha nodded and because he had to go inform Fan Zhuo and the others with Ye Gu, he did not tarry long there.
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