Chapter 1566: “Let’s Have a Good Game (6)”

    Chapter 1566: "Let's Have a Good Game (6)"

    Ye Sha had just set foot outside when Qiao Chu already went out of his door, knocking upon the room doors of the other youths from the Flame Demons Palace. When those youths heard Qiao Chu's voice shouting for them, they all immediately came rushing out to him one by one.

    Among the batch of freshmen from the Flame Demons Palace, they had all already recognized Qiao Chu to be their lead sheep, everyone of them wishing that they would be able to interact more with Qiao Chu. But Qiao Chu's attitude had always been lukewarm towards them but made quite a number of them rather anxious. On this rare occasion when Qiao Chu had come find them, wouldn't they rush to go stick to him?

    "Big Brother Qiao, is anything the matter for you to come looking for us?" A youth who was a year or two older than Qiao Chu opened his mouth to ask earnestly.

    Qiao Chu sat upon his chair and looked at the group of people he had gathered with a laugh. Although it was only a portion of them, it was already enough!

    "I heard that the guys from the Blood Fiend Palace haven't really been too honest recently. Is that true?" Qiao Chu asked, trying to look deep and intelligent.

    The gathered youths turned to look at each other, their heads turning to their left and right.

    Among the Twelve Palaces, the Palace of Flame Demons and the Blood Fiend Palace were the mightiest and the two palaces were constantly fueding, where minor conflicts often broke out between them even in the Cloudy Brook Academy. The two parties had been at loggerheads for a long time and with Qiao Chu asking them such a question, all the youths immediately became excited, fighting to be the first to speak up.

    "The Blood Fiend Palace had never been honest since the term started and I do not know from where they are getting all that confidence. Hadn't that Jun Wu from the Spirit Jade Palace been highly arrogant in his ways previously? I don't know what kind of medicine those guys from the Blood Fiend Palace took but all of them had come running forward to defend that kid which caused them to get into quite a number of squabbles with many people."

    "That's right! I was even too embarrassed to tell it to them! What has someone from the Spirit Jade Palace got to do with their Blood Fiend Palace at all? What does it matter to them that people are speaking ill of that Jun Wu that all of them had to jump forward so aggressively to defend that kid! ? He's not even from the Blood Fiend Palace at all!"

    Once the Blood Fiend Palace was mentioned, all those youths seemed to have endless words of contempt for them. One insult was hurled after another, berating the entire Blood Fiend Palace all the way from head to their toes.

    Hearing all that, Qiao Chu was secretly feeling very pleased, but his face was one that looked like he was deep in thought.

    "I'm sure everyone here knows very well that the Blood Fiend Palace isn't not on good terms with our Flame Demons Palace and we are all constantly at in conflict with each other. Although we all have not officially joined the Flame Demons Palace, we are all people personally picked by the Flame Demons Palace. When I was first admitted into this academy, I had thought that we were all here to cultivate our powers and could not be bothered with those people from the Blood Fiend Palace. But those guys from the Blood Fiend Palace are now starting to get a little overboard and it seems like they are getting somewhat above themselves. All of us from the Flame Demons Palace had never been afraid of the Blood Fiend Palace and I think we must not allow the name of the Flame Demons Palace to be disgraced, isn't that right?" Qiao Chu spoke inspiringly with a strong sense of righteousness, and the youths all nodded their heads vehemently in agreement.

    "I think I do not have to spell it out in words but we all know that both the two palaces are seeking to claim the dominant over all the Twelve Palaces. Now that the Blood Fiend Palace are being so high handed in their ways, do they really think they can just boss over everyone in here as they wish and we are to tolerate them without doing anything? If the Elders in our palace gets to know about this when we leave the Cloudy Brook Academy in the future, that we had to skirt our way around the guys from the Blood Fiend Palace while we were in here, wouldn't it look like we are all just terrified of them?" Qiao Chu continued to fan up the group of youths.

    They were all an entire bunch of youths who were not that old yet and they were all filled with the hot blood of youthful exuberance at that age. With that challenging tone used by Qiao Chu, the bunch of youths immediately started recalling all the arrogant ways the disciples from the Blood Fiend Palace had acted, and their brows all creased up one by one.

    "Big Brother Qiao, what do you say we must do? We'll all back you up on this!"

    "That's right! Big Brother Qiao! Point us in the right direction! We are not willing to suffer the atrocities of the Blood Fiend Palace! When I see the cocky faces of those guys, the anger just rises inside me!"

    The bunch of youths quickly broke out in endless shouts of protest.
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