Chapter 1567: “Let’s Have a Good Game (7)”

    Chapter 1567: "Let's Have a Good Game (7)"

    Qiao Chu did not show any reaction on his face but his heart had already bloomed up with joy. The words he used had been based on a format Jun Wu Xie had once used before to incite the hearts of people, and the effects were really astounding!

    "No matter what we do, we must never disgrace the name of the Flame Demons Palace. The Blood Fiend Palace had been arrogant for far too long and they need someone take them down a peg or two. We need to make them realize that the entire Middle Realm is not theirs to ride roughshod over anyone as they please!" Qiao Chu said with a sneer.

    The youths around him immediately rang out in chorus, in complete agreement.

    From that moment on, the youths of the Flame Demons Palace initiated their persecution and interception against whatever the Blood Fiend Palace did!

    Within the Cloudy Brook Academy, there were no rules inhibiting the disciples from fighting. The Cloudy Brook Academy had always adhered by the law of the jungle. As long as there were able to overpower their opponent, they were free to do as they wished.

    And that highly unique rule of the academy would then bring about the "war" among the freshmen of the Cloudy Brook Academy.

    It was not known whether it was just pure coincidence, but the Cloudy Brook Academy had disciples from five different palaces suddenly setting themselves against the Blood Fiend Palace, and those five palaces were all highly powerful as well. Even the Flame Demons Palace who held a similar level of might with the Blood Fiend Palace had also struck at them.

    At that time, the Blood Fiend Palace suddenly found themselves in an extremely bad situation.

    Almost every single day, the disciples from the other palaces would somehow either provoke or challenge the youths from the Blood Fiend Palace.

    If it had been only one of the palaces, the Blood Fiend Palace would be able to deal with it adequately. Even if it was the Flame Demons Palace, they would still be able to be on par with the opponent.

    But the current situation was.....

    The Flame Demons Palace, Dragon Slayers Palace, Soul Return Palace, Dark Heavens Palace, Purple Thunder Palace, the youths from these five palaces putting themselves against the Blood Fiend Palace all at the same time, which created an extremely lopsided playing field.

    No matter how strong the youths from the Blood Fiend Palace were, they would not be able to withstand the successive provocations from the different palaces in turns. Moreover, all the five palaces were above average in terms of might among the Twelve Palaces, the strongest ones among them, which really put the youths from the Blood Fiend Palace in a very tight spot.

    Every single day, regardless of which faculty the youths from the Blood Fiend Palace were in, immediately after they finished their cultivation training, they would surrounded and blocked off by people from the other palaces, and endlessly taunted and provoked in all manner of ways, to use that as a reason to strike at them. What made it more terrifying was that those people completely disregarded all sense of fairness, always surrounding the Blood Fiend Palace's disciples to attack, beating them down before they even said a word!

    The Blood Fiend Palace had quite a significant amount of people and they usually moved around at least in pairs. But that was still not enough to counter the kind of oppression they received from five different palaces. It was often when a group of their people had just walked out from their faculty and they would immediately be surrounded and blocked by people from the other five palaces, to be beaten up in batches by them all, rendering the youths from the Blood Fiend Palace to be completely defenceless.

    Regardless of how powerful the Blood Fiend Palace could possibly be, they would not be able to withstand such impossible odds of one against five.

    It didn't take long before almost everyone from the Blood Fiend Palace were all marked with some form of injury upon their bodies where even Lin Hao Yu was not spared. One day right after his cultivation training ended, he was suddenly pinned down straight onto the ground by Qiao Chu right in front of the gates of his faculty and bashed till his head swelled to look like one of a pig!

    Qiao Chu was just too powerful, a unmatched prodigy who had broken through to a true Purple Spirit. From what other people out there could see, only Rong Ruo from the Soul Return Palace and Hua Yao from the Purple Thunder Palace would be a match for him. Though Lin Hao Yu held possessed rather significant powers himself, but when pitted against a youth of such a maniacal level like Qiao Chu, Lin Hao Yu was still lacking by quite a lot. The scene where he was pressed into the ground and pounded defenceless by Qiao Chu right before the faculty gates had been witnessed by a large number of people passing by.

    Qiao Chu had not shown any mercy towards Lin Hao Yu when he struck. The time when Jun Wu Xie had been attacked on all sides by everyone was still clear in Qiao Chu's mind and he knew all along that it was all due to Lin Hao Yu's doing from behind the scenes. With a rare opportunity like this that gave Qiao Chu a valid reason to bash someone like him up, Qiao Chu had immediately snatched at the chance and released all his highly pent up rage at that moment!
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