Chapter 1568: “Let’s Have a Good Game (8)”

    Chapter 1568: "Let's Have a Good Game (8)"

    Lin Hao Yu was completely defenceless under Qiao Chu's hands, completely unable to retaliate in the slightest, beaten up till his mouth turned all bloodied and even losing a few of his teeth. It was only after Qiao Chu had enough of pummelling him that he finally released him, the badly thrashed Lin Hao Yu lying like a hapless muddy heap upon the ground, unable to even groan out from the pain.

    In the end, Lin Hao Yu was only carried away when other disciples from the Blood Fiend Palace were chased over to that spot, the people doing the carrying similarly sporting black and blue welts on their faces, obviously having already been taught a good lesson by people from the other palaces.

    The only person who was spared the misery was only Gu Xin Yan. Gu Xin Yan's identity was special as she was the daughter of the Blood Fiend Palace's Palace Lord and even if the disciples from the other palaces were filled with rage in their hearts, no one really dared to find trouble with Gu Xin Yan. Added to that was the fact that Gu Xin Yan was a girl with a pretty face and the other youths were less inclined to be able to strike her.

    But even when Gu Xin Yan had not taken any beating, when she saw the state all the other people from the Blood Fiend Palace were in, her face was turned a highly dark shade as well.

    "Just what is really happening?" Gu Xin Yan said through gritted teeth as she stared at all the youths who had been beaten up all black and blue. She had not thought that the Flame Demons Palace would really dare to make things so difficult for them while they were all in the Cloudy Brook Academy.

    Those five other palaces had acted as if they had come to an agreement beforehand, to initiate the attack upon them at the very same moment, catching the Blood Fiend Palace completely unawares.

    A youth whose head had been beaten to swell up to almost twice its size looked at Gu Xin Yan with tears and snot running down his face and said: "We don't know what happened as well. The Flame Demons Palace had just suddenly jumped on us seeking to find trouble, not even giving us a single chance to even open our mouths to say anything. The moment they see people from our Blood Fiend Palace, they would immediately jump on us."

    When he was attacked, he had not even realized what was going on, where he did not even had a chance to fight back before he was knocked to the ground and a storm of blows had immediately rained down on him, beating him untill he was hopelessly dazed.

    "And the teachers did not even do anything about it?" Gu Xin Yan said as her brows kneaded up together tightly. Although there were others from the Blood Fiend Palace that were also in the Ring Spirit faculty like her, but as the Ring Spirit she possessed was one that was capable of transformation, when classes were taught, she was mostly separated from the rest and she had absolutely no idea that when she was returning back here, all the others from the Blood Fiend Palace were being assaulted.

    It was only when they all returned that she saw the whole place completely filled with youths who had their faces all badly bruised and swollen.

    At that moment, Lin Hao Yu was still unconscious upon his bed. That merciless bout of beating from Qiao Chu had not only completely rearranged the face of Lin Hao Yu, he had inflicted highly severe internal injuries upon him. Now that Lin Hao Yu still had not awoken, several of the youths from the Medical Proficiency faculty were staying right by his bedside, providing treatment for Lin Hao Yu.

    "The teachers have said it before. The Cloudy Brook Academy does not involve themselves in such matters as it is purely based on one's strength. If anyone is beaten up, they can only blame it on their lack of skills." One youth lamented ruefully.

    If it had been one on one and they were defeated, their hearts might not feel so indignant. But now that the situation was one against five, no matter how strong they were, they had no way of securing victory based on their own abilities!

    Gu Xin Yan's brows knitted together. She really could not make head or tail of the current situation at that moment.

    How had the Blood Fiend Palace offended the other five palaces to bring about such a situation?

    The Blood Fiend Palace was brutally beaten to a pulp and there were five palaces who partook in it. The other six palaces that did not play a part in it were just remaining on the sidelines with intentions only to enjoy the show. Those might of those six palaces were not a match for the Flame Demons Palace and the Blood Fiend Palace and they would naturally not dare carry things so far with the Blood Fiend Palace, but that would not prevent them from adding fuel to the fire.

    With the Blood Fiend Palace being attacked on so many fronts, the people from the other six palaces gradually began to fan up groundless rumours about the Blood Fiend Palace.
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