Chapter 1569: “Let’s Have a Good Game (9)”

    Chapter 1569: "Let's Have a Good Game (9)"

    The Blood Fiend Palace had really tripped up badly this time round. Gu Xin Yan's face was looking worse and worse. The situation continued on like that for several days, putting her in such an awful mood that caused Gu Xin Yan to not even feel like continuing the tests with Spirit Reinforcement which was halted temporarily.

    Gu Xin Yan could not understand just what was really happening.

    Why had the Flame Demons Palace suddenly seemed like they were specifically targeting the Blood Fiend Palace, in endless pursuit for the past consecutive days without rest?

    And what made Gu Xin Yan feel highly edgy about was when she realized that besides the five palaces who were openly attacking them, the attitude of the other six palaces towards them frightened her as well. Although they did not strike directly at them, the mocking tone and words of ridicule against them was gradually increasing in intensity where people who had previously gotten into conflict with the Blood Fiend Palace but had not dared to utter a word due to the might of the Blood Fiend Palace were now jumping right out to mercilessly curse and berate the Blood Fiend Palace completely.

    The Blood Fiend Palace had gone from being the one who commanded the winds and clouds when the academy term started to being gradually pushed right into the eye of the storm.

    The disciples of the Blood Fiend Palace were surrounded and soundly persecuted by everyone daily and they were all forced to suffer a fate worse than death. The endless pain on their bodies and the mental torture on their minds caused them to be unable to calm themselves sufficiently for their cultivation training, to fall way behind their peers in the same grade.

    Gu Xin Yan could tolerate many things, but this was just one thing that she was unable to endure!

    If the torture continued on like this, the powers of the disciples from the Blood Fiend Palace would slacken which was as good as weakening the future might of the Blood Fiend Palace!

    That maniacal situation persisted for half a month and within the Blood Fiend Palace, with the exception of Gu Xin Yan who was not injured in the slightest, all the other disciples carried out their cultivation training with injuries, the situation extremely dire.

    The youths who were bashed up had no idea just what they had done to anger the Gods that would make all the other eleven palaces detest them so much.

    In fact, Gu Xin Yan had considered where someone was stirring up all this trouble behind the scenes but according to the news she gathered, the relationship between five palaces attacking them were not that good and there were many instances of conflicts between them as well, to the extent that the most powerful disciple from the Flame Demons Palace, Qiao Chu and the strongest disciple from the Purple Thunder Palace, Hua Yao in the same batch as them had engaged in a brawl right in the open in front of everyone before the Battle of Deities Grand Meet had even begun. Things between the two of them were like fire and water, where if they encountered each other within the Cloudy Brook Academy, sparks would fly and another fight would grow imminent. The situation was mostly similar with the other three palaces as well.

    Those leading youths from the various palaces could not see eye to eye with each other and if she was told that someone was truly able to make these five people bend to his will and simultaneously target the Blood Fiend Palace, she would never be able to make herself believe it. Afterall, the astounding powers of those youths were plain for all to see and they all belonged to different palaces. If someone could really make them all comply to his command, then that would really be truly terrifying.

    And that line of thought was quickly eliminated by Gu Xin Yan as a possibility.

    But not even in her dreams would Gu Xin Yan have thought that that highly improbable thought was in fact the entire truth.

    It was just that that truth was just too shocking for anyone to even dare to believe.

    And that was how Gu Xin Yan just passed the truth by, brushing her shoulder against it.

    Gu Xin Yan could not longer allow herself to just sit back. If the situation continued on like that, though she herself would still remain fine, the other youths in the Blood Fiend Palace would not be able to survive their days here within the Cloudy Brook Academy. Completely helpless, Gu Xin Yan could only try to seek for a way to resolve the issue. She used her position as the Young Miss of the Blood Fiend Palace to separately invite Qiao Chu from the Flame Demons Palace, Rong Ruo from the Soul Return Palace, Fei Yan from the Dragon Slayers Palace, Hua Yao from the Purple Thunder Palace, and Fan Zhuo from the Dark Heavens Palace for a little chat.
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