Chapter 1570: “Apologies, But We’re Not That Close (1)”

    Chapter 1570: "Apologies, But We're Not That Close (1)"

    The five youths that Gu Xin Yan invited were the five most powerful people from the five different palaces and they were also the leaders of the disciples from the individual palaces within the Cloudy Brook Academy's freshmen batch.

    To capture a bandit you must first target the leader. That was a logic that Gu Xin Yan was aware of. Only by resolving their enmity against the Blood Fiend Palace would she be able to make the five palaces stop their attacks.

    Besides Qiao Chu and the others, Gu Xin Yan had also invited Jun Wu to come. Because of the things that were happening to the Blood Fiend Palace, the two of them had not met to test out Spirit Reinforcement for quite a time. Gu Xin Yan had invited Jun Wu to come where she would then seek for a sort of reconciliation between the parties.

    The Blood Fiend Palace had been so prominent in the Cloudy Brook Academy largely because of Jun Wu and hence, Gu Xin Yan had suspected whether it had been because of what Lin Hao Yu had done to force Jun Wu to submit that caused the disciples of the Blood Fiend Palace to fall into dispute with the disciples from the other palaces, making the other palaces feel so much against them.

    Gu Xin Yan wanted to use Jun Wu's issue to resolve the conflict between the palaces.

    And Jun Wu Xie accepted Gu Xin Yan's invitation.

    Gu Xin Yan set the meeting point for the discussion by a lake in the Cloudy Brook Academy. By the lake, it was a full canopy of jade green, filled with the chirping of birds and the fragrance of flowers, a highly relaxing place of tranquillity, a place that quite a number of the freshmen liked to spend time at. The reason Gu Xin Yan chose that place was firstly to soften the tense atmosphere and also because she wished the words she was going to say today would be heard by people from the other palaces around the lake so that they would spread her words to the various palaces.

    Afterall, Gu Xin Yan had to watch the Blood Fiend Palace's reputation. As the other six palaces were not mighty enough to be pitted against the Blood Fiend Palace and they were not qualified for her to invite them to the meeting. But in view of the circumstances the Blood Fiend Palace was in, she had no other choice.

    It must be said Gu Xin Yan's mind was rather nimble to have considered so many factors and as a girl, even if she spoke meekly, no one would feel that it was in anyway inappropriate as being a young and beautiful girl like her had its perks.

    On that day, Gu Xin Yan brought Lin Hao Yu along with her and came to the agreed meeting place bright and early. Under a pavilion by the lake, she sat quietly upon a stone bench, looking out for Qiao Chu and the others who were late.

    Qiao Chu was walking to the place when coincidentally, he happened to bump into the cold faced Hua Yao.

    At the very moment he spotted Hua Yao, Qiao Chu's eyes lit up. In order to keep up the pretense, Qiao Chu had not dared to have any interaction with his comrades after coming to Mount Fu Yao but having become so used to sticking to Hua Yao for such a long time, Qiao Chu could not help himself but still feel rather somewhat dejected.

    Being able to see Hua Yao after such a long time, Qiao Chu almost could not suppress the excitement in his heart. He wished he could just leap with his paws open, to give his Brother Hua a big bear hug.

    The sharp Hua Yao had naturally noticed that Dumb Qiao feelings at that moment and being the much calmer one compared to Qiao Chu, he saw that the corners of Qiao Chu's lips were right about to reveal a smile, he quickly said in a chilling voice: "Good dogs do not stand in a person's way. Haven't you even learnt to do that?"

    Qiao Chu's heart which had been filled with delight had a whole bucket of ice thrown right into his face by the cold and highly composed Hua Yao and the smile that had not even been revealed instantly withered.

    Qiao Chu was feeling so mightily aggrieved. Brother Hua's tongue was just too vicious and he felt that his tender little heart had been hurt.

    "Har? So your family owns this road?" Qiao Chu attempted to say with a snarl, but deep inside his heart.....

    [Brother Hua~ How could you be so heartless! ? My teeny weeny heart hurts so much!]

    Hua Yao gazed icily at Qiao Chu and then carried on walking his own way forward. Qiao Chu could do nothing but to follow sorrowfully behind, except that the expression on his face only showed pure hatred to the people looking at him at that moment.
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