Chapter 1571: “Apologies, But We’re Not That Close (2)”

    Chapter 1571: "Apologies, But We're Not That Close (2)"

    Gu Xin Yan sat within the pavilion and saw the "heated exchange" between Hua Yao and Qiao Chu, her heart secretly heaving a sigh of relief.

    Looks like her guess had not been wrong. The relationship between the few people were not too amicable. They had not really been able to go all out against each other only because they were here within the academy but given the chance, a fight might really break out between them.

    After realizing that, Gu Xin Yan was feeling a little more at ease. What she was afraid of was for the other five palaces to be on good terms, which would make her attempt at lobbying today highly difficult to achieve any result.

    Qiao Chu and Hua Yao came to the pavilion first and Gu Xin Yan said a few words in greeting.

    Lin Hao Yu who was seated at the side still sported injuries that had not fully healed up and when he saw Qiao Chu, a ball of rage immediately surged to the surface, the memory of having been bashed up by Qiao Chu before still had not faded from his mind.

    It must be known, as the grandson of an Elder of the Blood Fiend Palace, regardless whether it was within or without the Blood Fiend Palace, he was respected and revered to a certain extent, and had never had to suffer such a kind of treatment from anyone. Qiao Chu was the first person to dare to strike him, and he had not shown any mercy despite his status, before the eyes of so many people that completely shattered the confidence and pride he had built over so many years.

    Even when Gu Xin Yan had reminded him just before this, when Lin Hao Yu saw Qiao Chu, the hatred still showed fiercely within his eyes, unable to be suppressed.

    Qiao Chu sat himself down upon a stone stool without a care and propped his leg over his other knee while he gave Lin Hao Yu a highly deprecating glance, his mouth curled into a mirthless smile as he said: "What? You've haven't had enough? Are you telling me that you are not feeling good that you've been thrashed upside down by me? Why don't we have another go at it today? So you can be properly convinced."

    The moment those words came out of Qiao Chu's mouth, the colour on Lin Hao Yu's face immediately turned a greenish white.

    Although there was intense hatred within his heart, he had to admit that he was not a match for Qiao Chu. With Qiao Chu's power, needless to say there was only one of him. Even if there were three, Qiao Chu would be able to toy with all three effortlessly.

    Gu Xin Yan saw that the situation was taking a rather bad turn and she said hurriedly with a big smile: "Big Brother Qiao has such outstanding skills and our Hao Yu was just being young and ignorant. If he has offended Big Brother Qiao in anyway, I beg for Big Brother Qiao to be magnanimous and let this little sister her apologize to you on his behalf."

    Gu Xin Yan brought down her own status and put forth a soft and agreeable attitude, making it hard for Qiao Chu to kick up a fuss but to merely snort in disdain, not saying another word more.

    Lin Hao Yu lowered his head and clenched his fists tightly within his sleeves, hatred swirling in his heart, wishing he was able to jump over and tear out Qiao Chu contemptuous face.


    He did not possess enough power to do that.

    In a while, Rong Ruo, Fei Yan, and Fan Zhuo arrived as well and the youths sat in order under the pavilion.

    Jun Wu Xie was the last to reach and when she sat herself down, the people who were supposed to be there that day had all arrived.

    Within that tiny little pavilion by the lake, sat a group of the most prominent youths among the freshmen of the Cloudy Brook Academy.

    The Young Miss of the Blood Fiend Palace, the grandson of an Elder of the Blood Fiend Palace, and this batch's most powerful disciples of the Flame Demons Palace, Dragon Slayers Palace, Soul Return Palace, Dark Heavens Palace and the Purple Thunder Palace. Even Jun Wu of the not well known Spirit Jade Palace but was the one and only person of the Spirit Mastery race throughout the entire Middle Realm.

    It could very well be said that within that little pavilion, was gathered a group of the most influential people among the freshmen.


    They all served different powers and their relationships with each other were in no way harmonious at all.

    With such a grand gathering, they quickly drew the attention of quite a number of people. The youths who were idling their time by the lakeside quickly nudged themselves besides the pavilion, their eyes peeled and their ears pricked, seeking to pay witness to the gossip that was about to erupt.
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