Chapter 1573: “Apologies, But We’re Not That Close (4)”

    Chapter 1573: "Apologies, But We're Not That Close (4)"

    As expected, once Qiao Chu's words came out from his mouth, the smile upon Gu Xin Yan's face immediately stiffened a notch and Lin Hao Yu at the side was almost driven to vomit out blood by the wanton arrogance of Qiao Chu's words.

    [Can't we chat amicably? Aren't you capable of civil speech?]

    [This guy here must have come here to find trouble right?]

    Jun Wu Xie sat on the side, highly indifferent, like she had not heard anything, though in her heart, she was all praise for that highly vicious retort.

    [Dumb Qiao stupidity doesn't seem to be all that incurable at times, doesn't it?]

    Even a nimble minded and highly articulate person like Gu Xin Yan found herself completely stumped by Qiao Chu words and she could not find any words to say for a moment.

    Qiao Chu had instead seemed to have gained his momentum as he swung his measuring gaze upon the green faced Lin Hao Yu.

    "I'll say, since you guys are here in apology, then shouldn't you be acting like an apologetic person should? So why do you keep staring at me with such intense hatred in your eyes? Could you possibly have fallen in love with my fists? Lash out at me if you need to and don't hold it in. Seeking peace in such a manner like the way you guys are doing, is really a first for me to see. You're not even a match for me in a fight and rushing straight at me will only earn you another pummeling, so why are you looking so aggrieved and unhappy for? Could it be possible be that you might be able to stare me to death with your fierce gaze? Wishy washy like a prissy little girl."

    Lin Hao Yu's face turned a deep shade of green, his tightly stiffened lips trembling slightly, the rage within him turning his lip lips pale white.

    Fan Zhuo and the others saw Lin Hao Yu being driven to such a rage that smoke seemed to almost be coming out of his ears, the companions secretly cheering in their hearts.

    They all knew only too clearly how Lin Hao Yu had set Jun Wu Xie up before and the companions had been thinking that they had not been able to find a suitable way to strike at him in revenge. Not that the moron had delivered himself right up to them, begging for him to be humiliated, they companions would naturally not want to disappoint him would they?

    Lin Hao Yu was almost about to burst, and fortunately, Gu Xin Yan secretly pushed him down.

    Gu Xin Yan finally understood that the several people before her were not a group of kind or charitable characters. Their enmity against the Blood Fiend Palace were obvious to see, especially from Qiao Chu of the Flame Demons Palace. Hits demeanor showed he obviously had no intentions of making peace at all but had instead come here to kick up a ruckus.

    The Flame Demons Palace and the Blood Fiend Palace had been at odds for a long time and Gu Xin Yan could somewhat understand the reason for the great enmity Qiao Chu was showing towards them.

    But the situation with the other four palaces were not so extreme and for the sake of trying to resolve the conflict between the Blood Fiend Palace and the other four palaces, Gu Xin Yan had no choice but to tolerate it all. Because, if the Flame Demons Palace was to continue to persecute the Blood Fiend Palace in the future and they did not have the other four palaces on their tails as well, the Blood Fiend Palace would then not be in such a disadvantaged situation.

    "Why does Young Master Qiao hold so much angst? We are all gathered here merely to have a casual chat. Although the Blood Fiend Palace had been bogged down with quite bit of trouble recently, I can't help but think that the trouble that had befallen us had been rather strange and I wonder just how our Blood Fiend Palace had somehow offended our esteemed individuals here to incite such great discontent against us? All of us are members of the Twelve Palaces and the Twelve Palaces have always supported one another all these years to resist the pressure the Nine Temples tries to exert upon us. I think we should not treat each other as enemies as the real enemy we all face had never once changed, and that will be the Nine Temples, isn't that right?" Gu Xin Yan's voice and tone was neither hurried nor slow, without the slightest tinge of impatience, like the words Qiao Chu had said to her had not elicited any anger in her in the least.

    "The Nine Temples currently enjoy stable power and the Twelve Palaces have always been suppressed by them and are not allowed to defy the Nine Temples. After the Dark Regions went into seclusion, the Nine Temples gradually grew stronger and the Four Sides have remained aloof from worldly affairs. If the day comes that the Nine Temples take the place that the Dark Regions once held, where would that put us, the Twelve Palaces? Are we to once again be like the way we were when the Dark Regions were around, the wholly suppressed ones who were subject to only live an ignoble existence?" That soft gentle voice drew out the antagonism between the Nine Temples and the Twelve Palaces, glossing over the internal strife between the Twelve Palaces themselves, making it sound like the Twelve Palaces have always been amicable and friendly to each other.
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