Chapter 1574: “Apologies, But We’re Not That Close (5)”

    Chapter 1574: "Apologies, But We're Not That Close (5)"

    It must be said that Gu Xin Yan really showed some techniques in her speech.

    If not for the fact that the hearts of Qiao Chu and the companions were so highly resolute, if it had been anyone else, they might very well have been bought over by Gu Xin Yan with just a few words.

    Even the righteousness and greater good of the Twelve Palaces had been brought up by her, there was just no way for her to be refuted.

    After she finished her speech, Gu Xin Yan's face was still wearing that same genteel smile, as she looked at everyone.

    It was said that one does not slap a smiling face.

    Gu Xin Yan's demeanor was just so soft and gentle, her smile that felt so genuine, that it caused the companions to not know what to say for a moment.

    If it had been Lin Hao Yu shooting his mouth off at that moment, it was thought that Qiao Chu would have gone all out blazing and uninhibited, but faced with such a soft and frail looking like lady, Qiao Chu felt that if his vicious tongue lashed out at her, it might not be exactly morally right.

    Obviously, the youths were all thinking roughly the same thing. Although they knew what their objective was, they all felt that they should be at least a little respectful towards a little lady.

    And the only two females among the companions, Rong Ruo and Jun Wu Xie..... were even more gentle towards females than the guys.

    Rong Ruo had never shown a darkened face to any female, to the extent that among this batch's freshmen young guys and girls in the Soul Return Palace, she won the hearts of everyone in there, to become a gentle youth that was liked by more girls than any of the guys they had.

    And as for Jun Wu Xie.....

    This lass had even gotten herself a wife! What else was there to say! ! ?

    She was already the biggest winner in life among them all!

    Fortunately, there was one such person whose immunity against females was very much different from Qiao Chu and the others.

    And that was..... Fei Yan.

    When Fei Yan was admitted into the Cloudy Brook Academy, he was dressed as a girl. If Rong Ruo was the most revered male god among the freshmen disciples of the Soul Return Palace, then Fei Yan would be the Dragon Slayers Palace's "goddess".

    Fei Yan's level of popularity in the Dragon Slayers Palace, was not any lower than what Gu Xin Yan enjoyed in the Blood Fiend Palace.

    The viciousness of Fei Yan's tongue, was not something that Qiao Chu could even dream of competing with. Fei Yan had his arms folded across his chest, his chin slightly lifted as she looked at the smiling Gu Xin Yan, his face showing an expression of disapproval.

    "Would the Young Miss Gu's words be pushing all of us here towards being heartless and sinful? I am instead of the idea that our Young Miss Gu's words here are just absolutely laughable. What the situation really is like between the Twelve Palaces, even if others aren't aware, we of all people should know it better than anyone! You're even talking about being amicable and friendly? Those words will sound much more suited to be spoken to people from the Nine Temples, don't you think? I would like to ask you this instead. When the Blood Fiend Palace was arrogantly trying to boss people around, did you once consider then about the friendship and harmony between the Twelve Palaces? If my memory still serves me correctly, it was just about a month ago. Didn't someone from the Blood Fiend Palace beat up someone from the Green Tide Palace? Tsk, when your guys beat people up, you couldn't care less about all this greater good and righteousness between the Twelve Palaces. But when your guys are now being bashed up all over the place, you are suddenly remembering to pull out this large flag now? As a person, one cannot practice such double standards like this. Even if one were to do that, they must at least remember to hide their tails well, and not let them show like this now. How awkward do you think that makes you look?" Fei Yan's tone fluctuated, sometimes shrill, sometime low, unlike Gu Xin Yan's soft ripple like water, Fei Yan's strong sarcasm brought strongly to the fore.

    The colour on Gu Xin Yan's face took on an ugly shade. She knew that her gender as a girl would win her some advantage against Qiao Chu and the other males. But with Fei Yan who was of the "same gender", that advantage was now obviously inadequate.

    "Fei Yan, I think you might have misunderstood something. We have never bullied anyone before." Gu Xin Yan said, attempting the salvage the situation.

    That incident where one of their own had assaulted a youth from the Green Tide Palace, she still remembered it clearly. As Lin Hao Yu had been using the excuse of defending Jun Wu to argue with people from the other palaces, driving all the other palaces to grow more hatred against Jun Wu, they had taken that opportunity to strike then, seeking to stir up more chaos.
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