Chapter 1575: “Apologies, But We’re Not That Close (6)”

    Chapter 1575: "Apologies, But We're Not That Close (6)"

    "I misunderstood? Do you want me to get those guys from the Green Tide Palace to come her and have a chat as well? Tsk." Fei Yan sneered, highly sarcastic.

    Gu Xin Yan made another sincere sounding speech. All in all, she still emphasized on two points.

    One, the Twelve Palaces were partners and they should not fight.

    Two, every was just a misunderstanding and everyone were still good friends.

    The meanings were simply put forth skillfully by Gu Xin Yan with her speeches and they were made to sound honest and sincere through her.

    At least it made the youths who had surrounded them outside secretly think that Gu Xin Yan was a rather good person. She was afterall the Young Miss of the Blood Fiend Palace and now that she was willing to come sit down in peace with Qiao Chu and the others to discuss the matter, and even in the face of Fei Yan's constant waves of sarcasm, she was still able to maintain her highly gentle smile on her face.


    While everyone was rather moved by how great a person Gu Xin Yan was showing herself to be, they were all also astounded by the merciless and incisive words of Fei Yan's criticism.

    So astounded that many of them stared at him in shock.

    Many of them not realizing that Fei Yan did give much accord to the difference in gender. To him, Jun Wu Xie belonged to a third type of person who gender was somewhat clouded and the only one among females that could make him treat her with gentleness was only Rong Ruo alone. If it had been in the past before he fell for Rong Ruo, he might not be so mean to females. But after he understood what his heart had set on, he completely changed his ways.

    Towards all other females, he was like how the strong wind was towards fallen leaves, blowing them all away without mercy, and only towards his little future bride to be, he was like a light breeze brushing over the water's surface, soft and gentle.

    Gu Xin Yan could only be said to have suffered eight lifetimes' worth of ill luck, to have encountered Fei Yan who had his heart set, who did not show Gu Xin Yan the slightest bit of politeness or courtesy.

    The number of people gathered around the lakeside grew. The most prominent entities all gathered together like this in one place to debate and argue was a situation that would not be common to see, especially when the Blood Fiend Palace had earned the wrath of all other parties, many people came rushing over to catch a glimpse of the bustle.

    No matter how nice Gu Xin Yan made it sound, the arrogance of the Blood Fiend Palace from before had gained them the hatred of quite a large number of people. Regardless how well embellished her speeches were, they were unable to erase the discontent they all felt in their hearts, which only made even more of them to come running in a rush, to see the Blood Fiend Palace eat humble pie.

    Gu Xin Yan spoke till her mouth went dry, and her heart was starting to feel rather helpless.

    She had initially thought that with her gift of the gab, she would be able to turn the whole situation around. But faced against Fei Yan with his completely merciless words, Gu Xin Yan was having a rather hard time.

    No matter what kind of reasoning she used to explain herself, Fei Yan would have a hundred retorts ready in rebuttal, where in the end, even Gu Xin Yan herself felt that this peacemaking talk this time, was about to go up in smoke. Lin Hao Yu had been too extreme in his ways before, seeking to push Jun Wu right into the abyss. However, his highly extreme methods had also brought a crisis to the Blood Fiend Palace as well.

    If this was outside the Cloudy Brook Academy, the Blood Fiend Palace would naturally not have to fear anyone. But they were now confined within the Cloudy Brook Academy's walls and hence, the situation was not the same.

    Seeing the smile on Gu Xin Yan's face becoming more and more forced, Lin Hao Yu's breathing became more hurried. His gaze then unwittingly fell upon the side, where the silent Jun Wu sat without having said a word.

    [If not for that kid, all of this would not have happened!]

    [If not for the fact that they were trying to make Jun Wu submit, why would the Blood Fiend Palace be in so much trouble?]

    Lin Hao Yu had at that moment, pinned all blame for the entire matter onto the head of Jun Wu, never having noticed that if he had not wanted to use such despicable methods to force Jun Wu to submit, then none of this would have happened at all.

    "All of you feel that what we had done before was just too much and you were unable to endure it right?" Lin Hao Yu suddenly spoke, taking the opportunity while Gu Xin Yan was still contemplating how she could still turn the situation around.
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