Chapter 1576: “Apologies, But We’re Not That Close (7)”

    Chapter 1576: "Apologies, But We're Not That Close (7)"

    This was the first time Lin Hao Yu opened his mouth and everyone's gaze turned to focus on him.

    Compared to the smoother Gu Xin Yan, Lin Hao Yu was not that tactful with his words.

    Added to the fact that the reason Jun Wu Xie was bullied on all sides because of this scoundrel, against this bruised face before them, Qiao Chu and the others were not going to be that amiable with their response.

    "Eh? You've finally decided to speak up? I had thought that you were the kind that would act timid by hiding behind a woman's skirt." Qiao Chu sneered contemptuously. "No, that's not right, you're not acting timid. You're just truly gutless."

    Lin Hao Yu clenched his jaws tight to fight the itch forming behind his teeth, wishing that he could give Qiao Chu a good thrashing.

    But he had no choice but to suppress the hatred within his heart.

    He'll just let the kid think he's all that for a while more. Wait till they get out of the Cloudy Brook Academy and he'll then let him have his bitter desserts.

    Lin Hao Yu had thought of getting the seniors from the Blood Fiend Palace to come help him but Gu Xin Yan had held him back. As only the freshmen from the other five palaces were targetting them and none of their seniors had been involved. In they dragged the seniors from the Blood Fiend Palace into this, the other palaces might very well do the same thing and pull the seniors from all the other palaces into the fracus, which would not be a worthwhile deal for the Blood Fiend Palace at all.

    Hence, Lin Hao Yu could do nothing but endure it further.

    "The Blood Fiend Palace had done all that before not because we are arrogant but because of only one person" Lin Hao Yu said, struggling to hold down his rage.

    Gu Xin Yan had initially been afraid that Lin Hao Yu might say something that he was not supposed to but after hearing his words, she decided to temporarily remain silent and see what else Lin Hao Yu was going to say.

    It was clear that Lin Hao Yu had also realized that they could not afford to anger the other five palaces and would not speak carelessly anymore.

    Lin Hao Yu turned and looked at Jun Wu whom he detested the most. But no matter how much his hated Jun Wu, and wished that the kid would just fall dead right at that moment, he had no choice but to turn the attention of the entire matter upon Jun Wu's head.

    "Before this, within the Cloudy Brook Academy, the voices of dissent raised against Jun Wu had been incessant. Do you know just many people had spoken ill against Jun Wu? You can very well go ahead and ask around. The reason we had gotten into so many arguments with so many other people was to refute all the highly baseless accusations heaped upon Jun Wu and we had done all that only because we wanted to protect Jun Wu. If it was said that the Blood Fiend Palace had done all that just to benefit ourselves, then I will have nothing to say to that. Our actions after that had then been to protect our own people as all the deeds against us had been incited by others, so why shouldn't we be allowed to retaliate? Are you telling me that we are to just sit back and see our own comrades being cursed at and not say a word at all?" Lin Hao Yu's heart was most unwilling to admit that Jun Wu was seen as one of their own in the Blood Fiend Palace but at that moment, he had no choice but to say it in that way.

    Lin Hao Yu fought to push down the strong taste of disgust he felt in his mouth, attempting to make the expression on his face look a little bit more sincere.

    The moment Lin Hao Yu's words came out of his mouth, the youths surrounding the outside of the pavilion were immediately stunned.

    [When did Jun Wu become a member of the Blood Fiend Palace? Didn't he reject the invitations of all Twelve Palaces and chose the Spirit Jade Palace?]

    [From where had this information that Lin Hao Yu was spewing come from?]

    At that moment, everyone could not help but recall the intimacy between Jun Wu and Gu Xin Yan over the recent period of time. They knew the way the Blood Fiend Palace had aggressively defended Jun Wu all this time and they all began to think that Lin Hao Yu's words might not be all that implausible.

    If not for the fact that Jun Wu had intricate links to the Blood Fiend Palace, why would the Blood Fiend Palace defend the kid so strongly?
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