Chapter 1577: “Apologies, But We’re Not That Close (8)”

    Chapter 1577: "Apologies, But We're Not That Close (8)"

    If Jun Wu was not related to the Blood Fiend Palace at all, why would the Blood Fiend Palace defend him so aggressively?

    Any why would Gu Xin Yan be seen moving about together with Jun Wu so often?

    Afterall, how the Blood Fiend Palace had treated Jun Wu was clear for everyone to see. Lin Hao Yu's words might sound a little strange in the beginning but after thinking about it carefully, it seemed rather plausible that that really might be the truth behind all the current ruckus.

    If the Blood Fiend Palace's show of arrogance had only been because they wanted to stand out, that would naturally be highly detestable. But if they had done it to protect one of their own disciples, then that would make a distinct difference in the crux of the entire matter.

    It was an entirely different situation if they were the victims instead of the aggressors.

    But there was one point that everyone still thought was a little strange. Jun Wu had definitely rejected all the invitations from the Twelve Palaces at the end of the Battle of Deities Grand Meet, so why would she suddenly switch allegiances to the Blood Fiend Palace after they were all admitted into the Cloudy Brook Academy?

    Could it be possible that the kid thought that his initial choice had been a mistake?

    Although Lin Hao Yu was not as intelligent as Gu Xin Yan, he was nevertheless not an idiot. Throwing out these words, it would become easy for them to salvage the entire situation.

    At least the other five palaces would no longer be able to use the reason that the Blood Fiend Palace had been arrogant against them any further.

    Gu Xin Yan was rather satisfied with Lin Hao Yu's explanation as that had also been one of the reasons she had invited Jun Wu to this meeting as well.

    Qiao Chu and the others arched up their eyebrow and their gazes that looked upon Lin Hao Yu were filled with a rather complicated emotion/

    [Little Xie would join the Blood Fiend Palace?]

    [Has this idiot lost his mind?]

    [Dreaming when it was still so bright out! ?]

    The silence from the companions made Lin Hao Yu think that his plan had succeeded, and his heart was filled with a sense of complacency.

    He went on to say in a sincere and slightly aggrieved tone: "With Jun Wu as a member of our Blood Fiend Palace being bullied by everyone else, the other disciples of the Blood Fiend Palace would naturally have to stand up and seek justice for him. I really do not see anything wrong with us doing that or are all of you saying that if someone from the palaces that you belong to are bullied, all of you will not be bothered with it in the least?"

    Lin Hao Yu said with an eyebrow lifted inquiringly, thinking that he was speaking highly eloquently.

    Fan Zhuo looked at the smug and highly complacent expression on Lin Hao Yu's face and he finally spoke.

    "You are saying that Jun Wu has joined the Blood Fiend Palace?"

    Lin Hao Yu nodded.

    Without even flinching, Fan Zhuo said with a smile: "If that is true, it would truly be understandable for the Blood Fiend Palace past actions. But I cannot help but be rather curious about this. Isn't Jun Wu from the Spirit Jade Palace? How did he become a member of the Blood Fiend Palace?"

    Lin Hao Yu was unperturbed. "The situation that the Spirit Jade Palace is currently in must be well known by every single one of you here. Comparing the Blood Fiend Palace to the Spirit Jade Palace, anyone will know which one to choose without a second thought. Jun Wu is afterall still young and might not understand all this too well and had made an erroneous choice before. But now that he realizes just how good the Blood Fiend Palace will be for him, and decided to switching allegiances, what is wrong with that?"

    Lin Hao Yu spoke in a highly casual tone, but he praised the Blood Fiend Palace to the skies with his words. But with those same words, he had debased Jun Wu into a selfish and self seeking scoundrel, who would jump onto a better opportunity wherever he chanced upon one.

    Towards the way Lin Hao Yu had put his words across, Gu Xin Yan's brows lifted slightly. She did not want to destroy Jun Wu's reputation, but with the way things had currently played out, they had no choice but to have Jun Wu sacrifice a little.

    Fan Zhuo arched up his eyebrow and gazed at Lin Hao Yu who was looking highly pleased with himself. A faint smile then curled up upon Fan Zhuo lips and a sinister glint that flashed briefly over his eyes. He turned to Jun Wu Xie and asked with a smile: "Jun Wu, have you really joined the Blood Fiend Palace?"

    At the same moment that Fan Zhuo asked that question, the eyes of Lin Hao Yu and Gu Xin Yan similarly turned onto the tiny figure. Lin Hao Yu was not worried in the least that Jun Wu Xie would deny it. Afterall, wouldn't all the recent actions of Jun Wu be the surest sign that he was showing goodwill towards the Blood Fiend Palace?

    Jun Wu Xie slowly lifted her head, her cold gaze sweeping over everyone seated under the pavilion.
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