Chapter 1578: “Apologies, But We’re Not That Close (9)”

    Chapter 1578: "Apologies, But We're Not That Close (9)"

    "No." Jun Wu Xie said without emotion, the one lone simplest of syllable causing the faces of Lin Hao Yu and Gu Xin Yan to change drastically.

    A corner of Lin Hao Yu's mouth twitched. Although Jun Wu Xie had not ever said that she wanted to join the Blood Fiend Palace, but hadn't the recent actions of Jun Wu showed her inclinations to join them?

    "He still has not for now, but he will join us very soon in the very near future." Lin Hao Yu said hurriedly.

    But the expression on Gu Xin Yan's face became highly stiff and her gaze was fixed onto Jun Wu Xie's little figure, her eyes filled with shock and disbelief.

    Lin Hao Yu still felt that Jun Wu only meant that he still had not joined the Blood Fiend Palace at that moment but Gu Xin Yan was not that naive to share the same delusions. The past period of time that she had spent with Jun Wu had made Gu Xin Yan realize that Jun Wu was not a slow witted person. Although Jun Wu was largely silent and did not speak much, his mind was clear at all times. Hence, it was not possible that Jun Wu would not know what Lin Hao Yu was trying to drive at but Jun Wu had still gone on ahead to answer as he had.

    A strong sense of unease rose within Gu Xin Yan's heart.

    Lin Hao Yu's explanation led Fan Zhuo and his other companions to laugh jeeringly at him. They then looked at Lin Hao Yu with a pitiful gaze, looking at him lying to himself while trying to deceive others.

    Lin Hao Yu felt his skin crawl from the gazes all the youths were throwing upon him and he turned himself around most nervously, seeking to hear affirmation from Jun Wu.

    "Jun Wu! Tell all of them whether things are as I have said." The only person that would be able to turn the whole situation around was just Jun Wu, and no matter how much Lin Hao Yu disliked Jun Wu, he still had to seek an answer from him.

    Jun Wu Xie opened her mouth to say in a highly expressionless tone: "Apologies, but we're not that close."

    Six words, and this time it fell crashing down upon Lin Hao Yu's head like a bolt out of the clear sky. He stared in stupefied speechlessness at Jun Wu, the six words telling everyone in no uncertain terms that he, Jun Wu, had no intentions of joining the Blood Fiend Palace at all.

    Never had, not now, and in the future..... just impossible!

    The words that Lin Hao Yu had uttered before Jun Wu mercilessly refuted to reveal the truth, now just seemed like a complete joke.

    Meanwhile, Qiao Chu and the companions were just not stingy in the least with their ridicule and sneering laughter, their eyes sharp as razors that shaved off completely any "face" that Lin Hao Yu had left.

    All the words were heard not just by Qiao Chu and the companions but also all the youths surrounding the pavilion, who saw everything that was happening before their eyes.

    Jun Wu had never wanted to join the Blood Fiend Palace. Everything that had happened during the past period had only been the Blood Fiend Palace's own wishful thinking.

    It suddenly dawned upon the people around that although Jun Wu had remained rather close to Gu Xin Yan, the only person from the Blood Fiend Palace that Jun Wu had interacted with was only Gu Xin Yan and no one else. If Jun Wu had really been seeking to join the Blood Fiend Palace, wouldn't he have tried to blend in with the entire team of disciples from the Blood Fiend Palace instead?

    The detail that everyone had overlooked, slowly became glaringly obvious, this scene before their eyes making them all realize that what they had all thought before was wrong.

    Lin Hao Yu's face turned a greenish white, his entire body starting to tremble. He gritted his teeth and stared at Jun Wu, unable to believe what Jun Wu had just said!

    At that moment, Jun Wu's rejection of them was as good as pushing the Blood Fiend Palace over into the abyss!

    "You....." Lin Hao Yu was so angry that he wanted to strike out but was suddenly blocked by Rong Ruo who raised a hand to stop him.

    "What? Being exposed and your humiliation has turned to rage?" Rong Ruo asked, with a mirthless smile upon her face.

    Lin Hao Yu's face was flushed a deep red as he glared at Jun Wu, wishing for nothing else but be able to tear Jun Wu into shreds. But with Rong Ruo blocking Jun Wu off, it gave Lin Hao Yu absolutely no chance of doing that.
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