Chapter 1579: “Apologies, But We’re Not That Close (10)”

    Chapter 1579: "Apologies, But We're Not That Close (10)"

    "Jun Wu!" Lin Hao Yu could only shout helplessly in vain.

    Jun Wu Xie just sat there calmly, looking at Lin Hao Yu who was raging from humiliation and then she slowly stood up. Before the eyes of everyone there, she turned herself around and walked away from the pavilion.

    Gu Xin Yan was left staring blankly after Jun Wu's departing back. She knew for sure, that by Jun Wu walking away this time, it was now an unchangeable fact that Jun Wu would never be joining the Blood Fiend Palace. In her mind, memories of her being with Jun Wu over the recent period of time rose up continuously, the images all quiet and silent, feeling highly harmonious and tranquil. They were all still so clear to her in her mind but somehow, without knowing why, it gradually became rather fuzzy now.

    With Jun Wu's departure, the Blood Fiend Palace became the biggest laughing stock in the Cloudy Brook Academy. Their own pomposity and their lies quickly made them the Blood Fiend Palace to become the butt of their jokes.

    This attempt at negotiations for peace had utterly flopped which left Gu Xin Yan with a wooden expression and Lin Hao Yu in humiliated rage as they left the place under the raucous and jeering laughter of everyone there. The humiliation and ridicule they suffered today would accompany them for the rest of their academy lives, never to be erased.

    After they returned back to the dormitory, Lin Hao Yu paced around the room in a insufferable rage.

    "That Jun Wu thinks he's all that great! That brat is just one big ingrate! After all that we've done for him all this time, see how he is repaying us! He's just thrashed the face of the entire Blood Fiend Palace right into the ground! Who does he think he is? If not for his unique identity as one of the Spirit Mastery race, he wouldn't even be able to set foot inside the Cloudy Brook Academy at all!"

    Lin Hao Yu was absolutely fuming. Jun Wu had made a big fool out of the Blood Fiend Palace before everyone out there. What was even more infuriating was that with Qiao Chu and the others in the picture, he couldn't even exact revenge against Jun Wu.

    "That brat must surely have an ulterior motive! He had been so obedient lying at the side of your feet like a dog this past period waiting just for a day like this to clamp his jaws upon us! I'm sure....."

    "Enough!" Gu Xin Yan who had been silent all this time suddenly shouted, her voice chillingly cold, which stunned Lin Hao Yu so badly he froze.

    "Xin Yan, don't get so angry. I will definitely seek justice for you in return. Afterall, that brat merely knows a little bit of that Spirit Mastery right? Without his Spirit Mastery, he is just a piece of trash. I will be able to easily take him....."

    "I said that's enough! Don't you understand! ?" Gu Xin Yan shouted as she swept the porcelain tea set off the table, the crisply clear crash resounding within the room.

    "Xin Yan, you are....." Lin Hao Yu was a little flustered. He had never seen Gu Xin Yan showing such an expression on her face.

    Gu Xin Yan drew in a deep breath, her face expressionless as she said: "I was just being too self conceited. I had thought that I would be able to win him over to join our Blood Fiend Palace. I had been wrong. I should have listened to the Elder and the others and not go provoke him at all."

    "No, Xin Yan, you had done all that only for the good of the Blood Fiend Palace." Lin Hao Yu said, seeing Gu Xin Yan blaming herself in such strong self reproach. His heart pained to see her like this, Lin Hao Yu continued to say: "Things have turned out like this all because of Jun Wu's actions. I will definitely make him pay."

    "Make him pay?" Gu Xin Yan laughed bitterly as she shook her head in helplessness. "Lin Hao Yu, do you still not understand? Regardless whether Jun Wu meant for this to happen or not, the fact remains that the Blood Fiend Palace is now at odds with all the other palaces. You are still thinking to find trouble with Jun Wu? We don't even know whether we will be able to defend ourselves!"

    Gu Xin Yan's mind was buzzing in a whirl but she had no other choice but to struggle to calm herself down. The days ahead for the Blood Fiend Palace in the Cloudy Brook Academy would not be easy and judging from the reactions of Qiao Chu and the others, she knew that they would not let things rest so easily.

    "Stabilize the situation with the others from the Blood Fiend Palace first and get all of them to lie low for the moment. We can only see how we can cross the bridge when we come to it." Gu Xin Yan told him.

    "Then Jun Wu....." Lin Hao Yu said, his brow lifting slightly.
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