Chapter 1580: “Unreconciled Heart’s Vengeance (1)”

    Chapter 1580: "Unreconciled Heart's Vengeance (1)"

    Gu Xin Yan then cast a sidelong glance at him and said softly: "Leave him alone."

    Lin Hao Yu froze in surprise.

    [Gu Xin Yan was sparing Jun Wu just like that? That wasn't like the normal Gu Xin Yan at all!]

    "I'm tired. You should leave." Not giving Lin Hao Yu any chance to ask questions, Gu Xin Yan immediately issued him his marching orders.

    Lin Hao Yu had no choice but to leave feeling highly indignant.

    After Lin Hao Yu left, Gu Xin Yan sat at the table by herself, resting her forehead on one hand. Her feigned calm finally broke down at that moment and her face showed an expression of agony, tears brimming up in her eyes.

    "Jun Wu, must you really do this to me....."

    Jun Wu's words had made Lin Hao Yu feel nothing but utmost rage. However, Gu Xin Yan did not feel the same way. She thought that she would hate Jun Wu right to the core, hate Jun Wu so much that she would want to tear him to shreds, but what she felt in her heart at that moment was not hatred.

    But aggrievement.

    Why carry it so far to be so absolutely final?

    Why not leave just a little leeway?

    Could it be that the time they spent together during this period had only been her own wishful thinking?

    Gu Xin Yan knew that she should seek revenge. To make Jun Wu realize the consequences of offending the Blood Fiend Palace. But after she heard Lin Hao Yu say he wanted to seem revenge, she found she could not agree to it in anyway in her heart, but instead felt a sense of resistance against it.

    She did not want to be enemies with Jun Wu.

    Even when Jun Wu was pushing the Blood Fiend Palace into the abyss.

    Complicated emotions swirled within Gu Xin Yan's heart, the strong willed Young Miss of the Blood Fiend Palace finally unable to hold herself back any longer as she hugged her knees to sob softly. No matter how intelligent and composed she usually was, she was still just a young lady in her teens.

    After Lin Hao Yu came out from Gu Xin Yan's room, the hatred on his face had not reduced in the slightest.

    He had grown up together with Gu Xin Yan so how could he not see that Gu Xin Yan was just being soft hearted this time?

    "Jun Wu, the scores between us has grown even bigger!" Lin Hao Yu said to himself, his fists clenched tightly together as his knuckles crackled.

    For a good period after, the persecution from the five palaces against the Blood Fiend Palace did not abate and the Blood Fiend Palace's situation became extremely bad. The youths from the Blood Fiend Palace just wished to be able to practice their cultivation training in peace but it was complete wishful thinking on their part. What made it even more unbearable was the taunting and ridicule from the bystanders watching from the sides.

    The words that had been exchanged under the pavilion on that day had spread throughout the freshmen disciples of the Cloudy Brook Academy. Everyone knew that the Blood Fiend Palace had plotted to drag Jun Wu to join the Blood Fiend Palace but had been slapped straight across the face by Jun Wu instead. Besides causing the Blood Fiend Palace to be completely embarrassed, it also caused them to be reduced into being the biggest joke of the year within the Cloudy Brook Academy.

    The youths from the Blood Fiend Palace were unable to practice their cultivation properly and they had to suffer the oppression from the five palaces in turn daily. In less than half a month's time, quite a number of the disciples from the Blood Fiend Palace became too frightened to even step out through their door.

    Towards this, the Cloudy Brook Academy turned a deaf ear, not showing the slightest inclination to interfere at all.

    Gu Xin Yan tried to placate everyone that they just have to suffer through this period, but Lin Hao Yu was unable to endure it.

    It was as if Qiao Chu had marked him and he led a group of people to block him off at the Spirit Power faculty gates everyday without fail. No matter how many people Lin Hao Yu brought along beside him, Qiao Chu was always able to pick him out from within the crowd, and give him a good bashing before everyone's eyes.

    These days, Lin Hao Yu's face that could have been considered to be rather handsome had been made to maintain that pig headed look for an extended period. Being completely helpless against Qiao Chu and could only hide himself within his room not daring to go out, how was the egotistical Lin Hao Yu expected to be able to endure such a comprised existence?

    He wanted to retaliate, but he also understood that to take on the five palaces, it was really just too hard.
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