Chapter 1581: “Irreconcilable Heart’s Vengeance (2)”

    Chapter 1581: "Irreconcilable Heart's Vengeance (2)"

    Powerless to seek justice against the five palaces, Lin Hao Yu diverted all his rage onto Jun Wu alone.

    If not for Jun Wu, why would the Blood Fiend Palace fall into such a disastrous state?

    The seed of vengeance sprouted within Lin Hao Yu heart and when night fell, Lin Hao Yu silently sneaked out from his room and walked out from the loft building.

    Under the moonlight, Lin Hao Yu walked himself over to the seniors' dormitories and rapped his knuckles upon a tightly shut door.

    The room's door opened after awhile and a tall built youth with a rather attractive looking face stared in surprise at a melancholy looking Lin Hao Yu.

    "Young Master Lin, why have you come? Come in quickly." The youth knew who Lin Hao Yu was, and he hurriedly welcomed the unannounced guest who had appeared so suddenly.

    The youth was a disciple of the Blood Fiend Palace and he had been planted within the Battle of Deities from several years ago who came to be admitted into the Cloudy Brook Academy as a chosen candidate.

    The Blood Fiend Palace would plant a few of their full fledged disciples into the academy at almost every Battle of Deities Grand Meet to ensure a certain level of stability for the younger youths picked by the Blood Fiend Palace.

    Lin Hao Yu sat himself down upon a chair at the side, to look at the youth before his eyes.

    "Xu Mu, what kind of power do you hold now?" Lin Hao Yu asked as he looked straight at Xu Mu, his eyes dark.

    Xu Mu was the most powerful and the one who possessed the highest gift among his batch in the Blood Fiend Palace. Before he came to the Cloudy Brook Academy, he had already achieved the indigo spirit and the one who was closest to breaking through to the Purple Spirit among everyone in his batch.

    "Just broke through to the Purple Spirit." Xu Mu said.

    A sinister smile then curled up upon Lin Hao Yu's lips. "There is something I need you to go do."

    "What is it?" Xu Mu asked in puzzlement.

    "I want you to deal with Jun Wu." Lin Hao Yu's eyes narrowed up, his voice highly vicious.

    Xu Mu's surprise showed on his face. In reality, the seniors had already heard quite a bit about the things that had been happening among the freshmen but Gu Xin Yan had not wanted them to show themselves, to prevent the seniors from the other palaces from being dragged into it as well. Hence, Xu Mu and the other Blood Fiend Palace disciples had just observed in secret and not done anything about it.

    The two words Jun Wu was not unfamiliar to them and Xu Mu knew that the current circumstances the freshmen of the Blood Fiend Palace were in had much to do with this Jun Wu.

    "Deal with Jun Wu? That..... wouldn't be all that difficult, but the Young Miss has already ordered us to not get involved into the matter. If we do as you say now and the Young Miss comes to know about it....." Xu Mu siad, feeling very much at a loss. Lin Hao Yu was the Elder's grandson but Gu Xin Yan was the Palace Lord's Young Miss.

    Lin Hao Yu then went on to say with a sneer. "The reason I came here to find you today is exactly to talk to you about Xin Yan."

    "What do you mean?"

    A vicious glint flashed across Lin Hao Yu's eyes, but his face was an expression of feigned regret.

    "Before this, the relationship between Jun Wu and Xin Yan was still fine and you will surely know about that. But Jun Wu turned out to be such a despicable person who made use of the Young Miss' kindness and played us out completely. In all honesty, Xin Yan had not even stepped out from her own room much recently. It seems that she had been quite badly affected by what this Jun Wu had done and is just being too soft hearted. But as people of the Blood Fiend Palace, we cannot allow ourselves to stand back and do nothing while our Young Miss is being bullied like this. I can guarantee it here now to you, that if you deal with Jun Wu nice and proper this time, I will assure you that your position in the Blood Fiend Palace in the future will only be one step below that of an Elder. I will tell my grandfather to spare no efforts in grooming you, as you hold such outstanding power afterall. If you were not of such humble birth, you would already have made a name for yourself by now." Lin Hao Yu said, throwing out his bait. Xu Mu was good in every way but it was only due to his lowly birth that he was sent here into the Cloudy Brook Academy.
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