Chapter 1582: “Irreconcilable Heart’s Vengeance (3)”

    Chapter 1582: "Irreconcilable Heart's Vengeance (3)"

    Xu Mu was still a little hesitant. If Lin Hao Yu was truly willing to help him lay a smooth path for his future, he would naturally welcome that with open arms.

    "Then if the Young Miss comes after us after that....." Xu Mu could not help but still feel a little worried.

    Lin Hao Yu said: "The Young Miss is not dealing with Jun Wu only because she has too much on her mind to worry about recently. Do you really think that the Young Miss doesn't want to go after Jun Wu after all that he's done? You helped the Young Miss and not only will I help you, the Young Miss will also remember this favour that you've done her. Jun Wu is just someone from the Spirit Jade Palace and there is nothing for you to be worried about. No one will come seeking revenge for that kid and even if you kill him, no one will ever come after you for that."

    Gu Xin Yan had never once said that she wanted to make any moves against Jun Wu Xie. Even though Lin Hao Yu had brought that up several times, Gu Xin Yan had just sidestepped the issue deftly, making it highly obvious she did not want to anything against Jun Wu Xie, but Lin Hao Yu had not been happy with leaving things in that situation.

    In the end, Xu Mu finally agreed to Lin Hao Yu's request.

    "Jun Wu goes to the Waning Moon Chambers daily and you can do what you need to do there." Lin Hao Yu said with a laugh. Xu Mu's powers had already broken through to the Purple Spirit and although it was just in its most initial stage, it was already a highly powerful state for most people that were around their age. People like Qiao Chu and the others of the five palaces who held such demonic powers were a rare sight that were seen once in a hundred years as Xu Mu was already considered to be very highly gifted.

    "Waning Moon Chambers....." When Xu Mu heard the words Waning Moon Chambers, his face suddenly showed a moment of surprise.

    "What's wrong?" Lin Hao Yu asked as his eyebrow lifted.

    Xu Mu shook his head and then replied: "It's nothing much but it's said that there's someone standing guard within the Waning Moon Chambers and I was just worried that it might make it difficult for me to make my move there."

    Lin Hao Yu laughed out off and replied: "I've checked it out. There is only a woman drunkard there who drinks like her life depends on it. She won't be able to stir up any trouble. Are you even afraid of a drunk woman?"

    Xu Mu gave it another thought and he was then reassured.

    "And when you strike, there is no need for you to show any mercy. That kid is just so highly vicious that you should humiliate him well and proper before you get rid of him." The venomous streak within Lin Hao Yu's heart surged as he spoke. If the current situation of the Blood Fiend Palace was not in such dire straits, he was definitely have gone to get rid of Jun Wu himself.

    One from the Spirit Mastery race, no matter how good he could be at it, would still be a piece of trash with low and insignificant spirit powers. Without a powerful backer, they would still be helplessly bullied by people.

    Lin Hao Yu and Xu Mu agreed on a time where Xu Mu would go the next day to go seek Jun Wu out to conclude the matter and Lin Hao Yu had naturally not wanted to miss the scene where his most hated enemy would be sent to Hell.

    Early the next day, Jun Wu Xie made her way towards the Waning Moon Chambers.

    She had continued with her cultivation training consistently everyday without a break in between, never allowing anything to interrupt it. The Blood Fiend Palace had been played by her good and proper and they were now suffering a fate worse than death, though the situation Jun Wu Xie was in herself wasn't all that optimistic as well.

    She had indeed slapped the Blood Fiend Palace across the face before everyone's eyes but her own reputation had also been similarly tarred by the people of the Blood Fiend Palace before that as well. Her earlier momentary peace had similarly also been created by the people from the Blood Fiend Palace and now that she had completely gone against them, no need to mention defending her, the people from the Blood Fiend Palace were all wishing they could just skin her alive whenever they saw Jun Wu.

    At the same time that the Blood Fiend Palace was being heavily oppressed, Jun Wu Xie was thrown back into being taunted and ridiculed like she was before, the six palaces who did not dare to openly oppose the Blood Fiend Palace turning their attention onto the lone Jun Wu, incessant with their humiliation and ridicule. If not for the fact that she usually did not even step out past her door, and the time she returned from the Waning Moon Chambers was earlier than those people, Jun Wu Xie might be caught in a highly similar situation to what Lin Hao Yu was facing, surrounded by people seeking trouble with her.
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