Chapter 1583: “Irreconcilable Heart’s Vengeance (4)”

    Chapter 1583: "Irreconcilable Heart's Vengeance (4)"

    When Jun Wu Xie came to the Waning Moon Chambers, Su Ya was resting upon the plush lounge, looking like she was asleep.

    Jun Wu Xie was not in a hurry to carry on with her cultivation but she instead went to pick up a broom. The place had not been cleaned for a few days and the first and second level of the Waning Moon Chambers had gathered quite a bit of rubbish. Su Ya was finger pointing boss and besides instructing Jun Wu Xie in cultivation, the only other thing she did was to drink, never paying attention to anything else.

    Jun Wu Xie had already resigned herself to being the janitor for the Waning Moon Chambers and she would conduct an entire spring clean after every few days of cultivation training, clearing out the empty wine jars and urns, with the rubbish strewn over the floor properly.

    Many a time, Jun Wu Xie was highly curious how Su Ya had gotten by before she came here.

    In reality, before Jun Wu Xie came, another person came to the Waning Moon Chambers to clean up with a fixed schedule, and that person was Tian Ze.....

    But now, the Waning Moon Chambers had Jun Wu Xie and Su Ya did not want to even want to see Tian Ze at all.

    Su Ya slept soundly, and her body lying upon the soft lounge that was hugging a emptied wine urn in her arms moved a little. Jun Wu Xie almost subconsciously pulled out a thin blanket that she had prepared by the side and covered Su Ya with it, to prevent her from exposing her modesty.

    After having almost done with her cleaning, Jun Wu Xie then went up to the third floor to continue immersing herself within that wine pool.

    But she had just entered the pool for a short while when she heard series of curses coming in through the window.

    "Jun Wu, come out here right this instant!"

    Having been called out by name with a shout, Jun Wu Xie's brows creased together slightly. She would not have bothered with it but when she thought of Su Ya still resting downstairs, she came out from the wine pool and did not even bother to change her clothes before she leapt out through the doors.

    Outside the Waning Moon Chambers, Xu Mu was standing their highly spirited in an imposing stance. He had broken through to the Purple Spirit and he used his spirit powers to carry his voice. His voice had been extremely loud and several disciples passing the Waning Moon Chambers had gathered over, their faces all filled with the eager anticipation to watch a good show.

    Jun Wu was considered to be one of the "movers and shakers" of the Cloudy Brook Academy. The kid had been cursed at from the moment he had been admitted till now and the grudge between him and the Blood Fiend Palace had drawn the attention of a large number of people to become curious about him. When they heard someone shouting out Jun Wu's name, those nosey parkers had naturally not been able to sit back and not be bothered.

    When Jun Wu Xie came out from the Waning Moon Chambers, she saw the tall and towering Xu Mu standing right at the main doors, with quite a number of other youths gathered in the surrounding area.

    Jun Wu Xie had just come out from the wine pool and she did not have time to change her clothes. Her clothes were dripping wet and they were filled with the strong fragrant scent of wine. That smell and the state that Jun Wu Xie looked, made the surrounding youths unable to help themselves but click their tongues in wonder.

    "Ha! I had thought what a brat like you would be doing her everyday. So you're just indulging yourself and immersing yourself in a drunken stupor. The Cloudy Brook Academy really knows how to read the disciples they have well. They knew that a piece of trash like you would not know anything and they just discarded you in a place like this. You really know how to enjoy yourself though. Since you love to drink so much, why shouldn't you just immerse yourself within a wine vat itself?" Xu Mu looked at the state Jun Wu was in and he spoke with great sarcasm in his voice, not forgetting what Lin Hao Yu had told him to do.

    Jun Wu Xie's brows knitted up slightly, not in a hurry to reply to Xu Mu, but she instead considerately closed the doors of the Waning Moon Chambers shut, to prevent the noisy ruckus out here from waking Su Ya from her dreams.

    This person had obviously come here targeting at her but Jun Wu Xie found Xu Mu's countenance to be rather unfamiliar, having never met him before.

    Lin Hao Yu quietly hid himself in a corner, to silently watch the calamity that would soon befall Jun Wu. His eyes were filled with venom and he was highly eager to witness the moment where Jun Wu would lose his life to the hands of Xu Mu.

    "Who are you?" Jun Wu Xie asked as she stared at Xu Mu, thinking that this person would actually come seek her out all the way here at the Waning Moon Chambers.
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