Chapter 1584: “Irreconcilable Heart’s Vengeance (5)”

    Chapter 1584: "Irreconcilable Heart's Vengeance (5)"

    If this person had not come all the way here to the Waning Moon Chambers to seek her, Jun Wu Xie really couldn't have bothered with him at all.

    Xu Mu then said: It does not matter who I am. What's important is that I have come here to deal with the utterly shameless little brat that you are."

    Xwu Mu's mouth curled up into a sneering smile as he said: "I am really very curious just who gave you the courage to still remain here within the Cloudy Brook Academy as a disciple to take up space just because you belong to this Spirit Mastery race that had popped out out of nowhere? What a joke. With the Spirit Mastery race, you wouldn't even be worth a fart! Haven't you noticed that the Cloudy Brook Academy has never intended to teach you anything at all? Or do you think that it's such a glory for you to remain in here like a leech?"

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed slightly. Xu Mu's words were extremely grating on the ears. This person had given such an insulting speech the moment he came here and Jun Wu Xie was sure that the youth's intentions was definitely not so simple to just come here to insult and berate her.

    Jun Wu's silence led Xu Mu to become even more belligerent. He knew that Lin Hao Yu was watching from somewhere, looking at everything that was happening here. He knew that Lin Hao Yu harboured deep hatred against Jun Wu and for the sake of his own future, he would naturally want to put on a good show here, to humiliate Jun Wu good and proper before sending him to his death.

    "Come, everyone come have a look. Throughout the history of the Cloudy Brook Academy, the most despicable and shameless, the most thick skinned piece of trash." Xu Mu spread his arms out wide and faced the curious crowd surrounding them. "I'm sure everyone here knows about this person here? Jun Wu! Rumoured to be the one and only Spirit Mastery race, possessing the ability of Spirit Reinforcement. Ha! Spirit Reinforcement? Isn't it just amazing? And he's the only one! And our esteemed Young Master Jun here has really been so proud of himself with his little bit of advantage from having come from a unique race that he spurned the faces of all Twelve Palaces. But there is one point that I am very curious about. If someone really held great power in his hands, would they really choose the Spirit Jade Palace over the Twelve Palaces? I will rather think not. Someone must have been afraid that his poor and terrible talents would be discovered by the Twelve Palaces and he would no longer be able to pretend to be powerful, so he had no choice but to choose in such a manner!"

    Xu Mu's eyes were flashing with a highly vicious glint. Xu Mu held no personal grudge against Jun Wu and Jun Wu can only blame himself for having offended someone he shouldn't have that led Xu Mu to now use the kid as a stepping stone.

    "If our esteemed Young Master Jun was really all that great, why is it that after being admitted into the Cloudy Brook Academy, he had been thrown and abandoned here in this wine cellar? The Waning Moon Chambers has always been our academy's wine cellar and that is just the nice name for this place. To put it more harshly, this place is the dumping ground for useless trash and I heard that Jun Wu you frequently come out to empty rubbish from inside. Is this the kind of treatment that should be shown to the one and only from the Spirit Mastery race? Throwing rubbish? Hahaha!" Xu Mu then guffawed loudly in arrogance.

    "If I were you, I will not have the cheek to continue to latch myself to this place. The Cloudy Brook Academy has obviously shown you that they have no place for ignorant and incompetent trash like you and you still choose to blind yourself to that fact, leeching on even when you have been discarded here into this trash dump. Can you be more shameless than this? I myself am really ashamed that the Cloudy Brook Academy has such trash like you!"

    The humiliating insults were hurled upon Jun Wu Xie one after another, the youths gathered around them showing evil grins on their faces. Jun Wu's Spirit Reinforcement had made all of them feel it was highly unique in the beginning, but after Jun Wu had been "abandoned" by the Cloudy Brook Academy, they had all begun to feel that that highly amazing ability now did not seem like much anymore.

    Or why would the most illustrious Cloudy Brook Academy give up on such a good disciple?

    Jun Wu Xie drew in a deep breath, resisting the urge to twist off the neck of the other party and said in a cold voice: "Are you finished?"
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