Chapter 1585: “Irreconcilable Heart’s Vengeance (6)”

    Chapter 1585: "Irreconcilable Heart's Vengeance (6)"

    Xu Mu sneered with a laugh and said: "So what if I've finished? And what if I've not?"

    Jun Wu Xie then replied: "Scram if you're done."

    Jun Wu Xie's voice was cold and clear, like it was tipped with chilling ice.

    Xu Mu was surprised, never thinking that Jun Wu Xie would really be so tough.

    "You scoundrel! Say that one more time!" Xu Mu shouted as his eyes narrowed dangerously, purple coloured spirit energy flaring out from his entire body.

    In the Middle Realm, it was also rare to see someone attaining the Purple Spirit just after having turned twenty. The eyes of the youths who stood at the sides and were enjoying the show suddenly flashed in surprise when they saw the Purple Spirit glow upon Xu Mu's body.

    Someone from within the crowd then quickly recognized Xu Mu as who he was.

    "Isn't that Xu Mu from the Blood Fiend Palace?"

    "Xu Mu? The one in first place among the last batch of disciples within the Spirit Power faculty?"

    Quite a number of people were shocked by the revelation of Xu Mu's identity. Xu Mu was still rather young but he had already broken through to the Purple Spirit. This was a point that he surpassed many other youths in his batch of disciples. Even among the seniors, he was deemed to be one of the more heroic disciples. After some seniors there managed to recognize Xu Mu's identity, they all silently sighed for Jun Wu, but their hearts were still feeling the joy from Jun Wu's misery.

    As Xu Mu was from the Blood Fiend Palace, and everyone knew about the things that had happened between Jun Wu and the Blood Fiend Palace before this. With Xu Mu having come here today, he would surely not let Jun Wu off that easily.

    Jun Wu Xie stared calmly at the purple coloured spirit energy swirling around Xu Mu's body. She could clearly feel the murder emanating from Xu Mu.

    Should she strike or hold her hand?

    Jun Wu Xie knew, with her power, she would be able to send Xu Mu straight to Hell with a single stroke. But once she struck, that would also mean that she would reveal the extent of her powers, which would not be advantageous towards the fight against the Twelve Palaces in the future.

    It was clear that Xu Mu intended to take her life. If she did not use her power, nobody here would lift a finger to help.

    She could not use her spirit powers, could not use her Ring Spirit, and not even Little Black could be summoned. Jun Wu Xie did not really want to expose herself and her brows involuntarily knitted up together.

    "Little brat, you really think you're somebody? Do you think that nobody in the Cloudy Brook Academy will be able to deal with you? I'll make you realize now that a piece of trash like you that had been abandoned even by the Cloudy Brook Academy is completely not qualified to even exist on this earth!" Highly intense murder flashed in Xu Mu's eyes. He summoned his spirit powers to a surge and charged straight at Jun Wu!

    Once he killed this little kid, his days ahead in the Blood Fiend Palace would be set!

    Lin Hao Yu was highly excited by the sight of Xu Mu's body being clad in his Purple Spirit energy and his heart almost jumped up to the back of his throat in anxiety and anticipation.

    [Kill him!]

    [Kill him!]

    [Let him disappear from the face of the earth completely!]

    Feeling the power gradually closing in towards her, Jun Wu Xie secretly clenched her fists within her sleeves. Things had come to a point that she would have to strike!

    Xu Mu's one strike with all his power had been to send Jun Wu on a one way ticket to Hell in one move. That palm that was imbued with intense power closed in upon Jun Wu's face. Jun Wu Xie had already raised up her hand, prepared to deflect it.


    Just as Xu Mu was barely one step away from Jun Wu, a graceful figure suddenly appeared right before Jun Wu Xie's eyes. That highly alluring figure negated Xu Mu's strike in a blink, as a silver light flashed past. Xu Mu who had been highly aggressive and ferocious with his attack was suddenly sent flying back by a tremendous force before everyone's eyes!

    They all only saw Xu Mu falling heavily to the ground, as a mouthful of blood spewed out from his mouth.

    A alluring and ravishing beautiful woman was suddenly standing right in front of tiny Jun Wu.
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