Chapter 1586: “Queenly Su Ya (1)”

    Chapter 1586: "Queenly Su Ya (1)"

    A alluring and ravishing beautiful woman was suddenly standing right in front of tiny Jun Wu.

    Su Ya's long seemingly endless legs trod upon the ground, their stance arrogant, her slightly lifted chin filled with such pride that no one there dared to profane, the ever present wine urn hanging from her hips.

    "Which eyeless fool dare to touch this woman's disciple! ?" A highly displeased woman's voice rang out clearly. Su Ya's highly alluring eyes were half narrowed as they swept over the group of youths who were standing stunned outside the Waning Moon Chambers.

    Those stunning features on that ravishing face and her immensely powerful aura instantly drove the youths to stare in wide eyed awe.

    Xu Mu lay in a heap upon the ground, the pain wrecking at his body almost to the point he felt like it was going to explode. After he broke through to the Purple Spirit level, he had not felt sigh immense pain for a rather long time. It had been just one strike and it had already made him feel like he was better off dead.

    Jun Wu Xie was just as surprised to see Su Ya standing right before her as a shield, never having expected that Su Ya would appear right at that moment.

    Su Ya stood magnificent like a queen before everyone's eyes, her powerful presence causing everyone at the scene to not even dare to breathe loudly.

    [Who is this woman?]

    The same question rose within the minds of every single person there, but what shocked all of them even more was the statement Su Ya made.

    Her disciple.....

    Everyone's eyes involuntarily turned onto the figure of Jun Wu. Could it really be possible that Su Ya's words indicated that Jun Wu was her disciple?

    The kind of power that Xu Mu had, was already clear to all of them there, and the instant that Su Ya appeared, she had with just one strike, rendered Xu Mu to become even too weak to stand up. Just what kind of terrifying power could she possibly hold?

    That was a true Purple Spirit that was struck down!

    Even that kind of power had been completely helpless before Su Ya.

    A kind of fear immediately enveloped the hearts of everyone.

    "Who..... Who are you....." Xu Mu stuttered as he struggled to stand up, but pain permeated every single inch of his body and he could only remain lying in a heap on the ground in agonizing pain, only raising his head up to gaze upon the resplendently majestic Su Ya.

    Su Ya gazed coldly at Xu Mu. "I am Jun Wu's Master."

    "What....." Xu Mu's eyes widened.


    [Jun Wu's Master?]

    Some of the youths that were gathered around there suddenly realized who Su Ya was. They remembered that there was indeed such a person who watched over the Waning Moon Chamber. They remembered having heard those rumours. It was said that it was a absolutely ravishing woman but they had never dreamt that she would hold power that could dominate over a true Purple Spirit in an instant!

    Seeing the state that Xu Mu was currently in, they could very well imagine just how ferocious that one strike from Su Ya had really been.

    [Had the Cloudy Brook Academy gone mad?]

    [They had actually made such a highly powerful entity remain here to watch over a mere wine cellar?]

    "Impossible..... How could Jun Wu possibly have gotten himself a Master....." Xu Mu absolutely could not believe what his ears were hearing. He did not know who Su Ya was but only that the Waning Moon Chambers was the Cloudy Brook Academy's wine cellar and it was not possible that the Cloudy Brook Academy would arrange for such a powerful person to remain in such a lowly place.

    Although Su Ya had merely just made one move, but that one move had been more than enough to make all of them understand that the power Su Ya held was not something that any regular person could dream of comparing to. Skills such as this, needless to even mention all these youths in training, even the teachers within the Cloudy Brook Academy would not be a match for her.

    Su Ya gave Xu Mu a scornful gaze and then turned to look at the still dazed Jun Wu. "Are you just treating this woman's words as wind blowing past your ears! ?"

    Jun Wu Xie snapped back to her senses and quickly replied: "No."

    "No?" Su Ya's brows creased together. "When this woman here accepted you, what did I tell you? If someone bullies you, if you are able to take him on, you do it on your own. Those that you can't handle, this woman here will do it for you. Now that this person had come bullying right in your face and what are you doing here standing in such a daze? Don't you even know to raise your voice and shout?"
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