Chapter 1587: “Queenly Su Ya (2)”

    Chapter 1587: "Queenly Su Ya (2)"

    Jun Wu Xie opened her mouth, wanting to say something but in the end, she could not find anything to say.

    In reality, Jun Wu Xie had already intended to retaliate on her own and had not thought of alerting Su Ya to the matter at al.

    Su Ya looked at her own "too honest" disciple, and she could not hold the angry expression on her face for long, thinking to herself: [Can this kid be any more honest?]

    When Xu Mu had been shouting from outside the doors, Su Ya had already been awake and she also knew that her own little disciple had rushed out quickly. She had thought to wait and see how Jun Wu was going to deal with today's situation and as a result, she had seen from inside the door that Jun Wu was just standing there foolishly in his spot, and Xu Mu's hand was already almost about to strike him but he still did not react.

    That fire that had risen within Su Ya's heart!

    But Su Ya had also known that her little disciple's strength was not in spirit power nor Ring Spirit and Spirit Reinforcement was more a technique that played a supportive role in battle. The fire in her heart had been because Jun Wu still did not call out for her even in that critical situation.

    Didn't that show that the kid did not trust her as a Master! ?

    As Su Ya could not bear to inflict her rage upon her own little disciple, she had diverted that anger and displeasure straight upon Xu Mu.

    Though unlucky, Xu Mu deserved it. Needless to talk about a youth who had just broken through to the Purple Spirit, even if Xu Mu's teacher had come over, before Su Ya he would have gotten thrashed up just as badly.

    That was power equivalent to a Palace Lord of the Twelve Palaces, a Silver Spirit!

    Towards her own little "honest and guileless" disciple, although Su Ya was angry, her heart was highly pained for the little kid. She very rarely accepted disciples but when she did, she protected them fiercely. Now that someone had already come to pick a fight right at her door, her anger was not going to be that easily appeased.

    Just as everyone was still shocked by Su Ya's sudden appearance, the figure of Su Ya suddenly morphed into a streak of silver light, to appear right before Xu Mu. Before Xu Mu could even react, she lifted up the almost half dead Xu Mu up completely off the ground.

    "You were seeking trouble with my disciple?" Su Ya asked with her chin lifted as she stared at Xu Mu who had bloodstains at the corners of his mouth.

    Xu Mu's heart was quaked by Su Ya's powerful aura so badly that his entire body trembled uncontrollably, wanting to say something defiant but he found himself lacking the courage. At that very moment, there was only regret that filled his heart.

    Who had told him that Jun Wu was a piece of trash abandoned by the Cloudy Brook Academy?

    Then what was happening with the woman here that was more powerful than the teacher in charge of the Spirit Power faculty?

    "No..... It's not that....." Xu Mu's voice shook, barely able to squeeze out those few words through his chattering teeth. But before he could finish what he wanted to say, Su Ya had already delivered one tight slap across his face!

    A seemingly nonchalant slap it had been, but it left a bright red imprint of a palm upon Xu Mu's suddenly swollen cheek, terrifying just to look at, like the skin upon his face would explode at any moment.

    "You're too soft and I can't hear you." Su Ya said coldly.

    "It's not....."


    Xu Mu had just barely said two words before Su Ya delivered a backhanded slap across his other cheek, both sides of his face immediately swelling up as they looked like hot buns just taken out from the steamer.

    "You think this woman here is blind and deaf? That I do not know a thing about what you said and did earlier?" Su Ya said tyrannically.

    Xu Mu felt like he just wanted to cry. He was filled with utmost regret that he had agreed to Lin Hao Yu's request, that led him to end up within Su Ya's grasp now.

    It was obvious that Su Ya was not interested in hearing him explain, but was just using any reason she could find to bash him. Regardless of what he said, Su Ya would still have an entire barrel of excuses to teach him a lesson.

    And what drove Xu Mu into even further despair, was that he found that his own spirit powers was completely suppressed by Su Ya overwhelming strength, where even if he wanted to struggle free, it had become a hopeless dream.

    After having broken through to the Purple Spirit, this was the first time that Xu Mu had felt so helpless.
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