Chapter 1588: “Queenly Su Ya (3)”

    Chapter 1588: "Queenly Su Ya (3)"

    "What? You don't dare to make a single sound now? Weren't you being highly arrogant just moments earlier? Bullying the weak and intimidated by the powerful are we? Is this the kind of trash that those foolish goons from the Spirit Power faculty has managed to groom?" Su Ya's fair jade white hand delivered an entire succession of "lessons" onto Xu Mu's face, continuously with more than ten slaps, instantly turning Xu Mu's head into one that looked like a pig's.

    Having punished him enough, Su Ya raised her foot and kicked out at the completely defenceless Xu Mu that made him fall to the ground in a motionless heap again, this time, Xu Mu not even having the energy to groan out.

    Everyone had become petrified with fear. They had never seen a teacher who struck a disciple of the academy so viciously.

    She had not only beaten Xu Mu up to be completely unrecognizable, she had even berated all the teachers within the Spirit Power faculty.

    What kind of courage would one need to have to do that?

    And among everyone there, the one that had been paralysed by fear the worst was Lin Hao Yu hidden within the shadows. From the very moment that Su Ya had appeared, Lin Hao Yu had been frozen in his spot, eyes widened in horror as he saw the helpless Xu Mu being viciously bashed up by Su Ya, an unstoppable chill suddenly coming over his whole body.

    What identity did this woman really hold? Why was she so highly protective of Jun Wu?

    Even if you beat Lin Hao Yu to death, he would never have thought that inside a place as unremarkable as the Waning Moon Chambers, would there be such a terrifying woman hidden within.

    What really killed him inside though, was that that terrifying woman backed the detestable Jun Wu!

    Caught under the furious glare of the queenly Su Ya, every single one of those nosey youths were now all trembling like little wounded fledglings. They were now all feeling highly fortunate that when they heard Xu Mu enjoying himself so much as he berated and ridiculed Jun Wu earlier, they had not chirped in as well. Otherwise, their fate now would surely not be any much better than the state that Xu Mu was in.

    This was a woman who dared to even insult the entire bunch of teachers in the Spirit Power faculty, so thrashing up all of them there would definitely be as easy as her against a whole flock of little chicks!

    Su Ya looked on with satisfaction at the already unconscious Xu Mu lying upon the ground as she clapped the dust off her hands nonchalantly before turning away to look at Jun Wu.

    "Do you see it now?"

    "What?" Jun Wu Xie was a little puzzled.

    Su Ya raised up her wine jar and took a large mouthful, before wiping off the sliver of wine residue at the corner of her mouth carelessly, and then raised up her hand to point in the direction Xu Mu was lying at without even turning her head.

    "If you encounter such foul mouths in the future, I want you to fight them seeking to kill. Even if they died, this woman here will shoulder it up for you."

    Jun Wu looked at Su Ya, not knowing whether to laugh or cry in her heart. This Master of hers, was really rather arrogant. But..... she liked it.

    "I see now." Jun Wu Xie said, nodding her head seriously. Although she would have been able to deal with these matters by herself, but seeing Su Ya move to defend her still gave Jun Wu Xie a completely new kind of experience, letting her feel what the relationship between a Master and a disciple really was like.

    She had had too little interaction with Yan Bu Gui in the past and hence she had not been able to feel the sentiments between a Master and disciple. For the Fire Country's founding Emperor, he had already fallen and Jun Wu Xie had never even met him.

    But now, Jun Wu Xie came to know from Su Ya that one's Master could protect their own disciples in such a manner.

    After Jun Wu Xie went to the Waning Moon Chambers, it wasn't that she could not see Su Ya's style of doing things. Although she was highly recalcitrant, she maintained a very low profile, never involving herself with any matters outside. Jun Wu Xie did not know why Su Ya chose to hide her own glorious brilliance but Jun Wu Xie saw that Su Ya had abandoned her usual languid and indifferent attitude just for her, to show up right before everyone to protect Jun Wu. It was a kindness shown to Jun Wu Xie that she would never forget her entire life.

    Su Ya nodded in satisfaction and then turned her herself around, to sweep her gaze over the group of people who had gone deathly quiet from fear.

    "This woman here wants all of you to listen to this closely. Jun Wu is this woman's disciple and if anyone of you dares to provoke her in future, this woman will personally crush all your bones one by one under my foot!"

    Su Ya's words immediately sent deep chills to run through everyone there.
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