Chapter 1589: “Queenly Su Ya (4)”

    Chapter 1589: "Queenly Su Ya (4)"

    "Get the hell out of here if all of you understood what I've said! Don't remain here and be an eyesore to this woman!" Su Ya shouted out coldly.

    The knees of all the youths were shaking from Su Ya's shout, every single one of them scattering in all directions in a fluster, blaming their parents for not birthing them with another two legs to run away with.

    "Come back!" Su Ya gave a low shout. All the escaping youths suddenly froze in their spots like they had been cast in ice.

    "Get rid of this pile of rubbish here for this woman here. It disgusts me to see it." Su Ya said in utter disdain as she pointed at Xu Mu fallen onto the floor.  Several youths then ran rather unwillingly over and carried Xu Mu away.

    Lin Hao Yu blended himself into the crowd as he made his escape quickly, afraid that Jun Wu would spot him and ask Su Ya to deal with him too.

    "The disciples of the Cloudy Brook Academy is really becoming worse with every generation. Timid as mice, what a disgrace." Su Ya said as her mouth curled up with contempt. When she turned her head back, she saw that her own little disciple was looking at her with smiling eyes.

    Su Ya's brows arched up in surprise and she lifted her hand to slap it upon the head of her little disciple.

    But compared to the kind of strength Xu Mu had suffered earlier, this was a slap that was gentle as a ripple of water.

    "Don't just stand here beside yourself with glee. If this woman had come out just one moment later, the one lying on the ground would have been you. See if you still can be so happy if that had happened." The Purple Spirit might not be much at all in her eyes, but Jun Wu's spirit power was pitifully low and if he had been struck with one hit, he wouldn't be able to take it well.

    Jun Wu Xie tugged at the tip of her nose, naturally realizing that Su Ya was worrying about her. In order to hide her identity, she had taken the elixir to suppress the presence of her spirit powers consistently. From what any others could see, her spirit power was just around the red spirit level, highly insignificant.

    Which had also deceived Su Ya as well.

    "Alright. No need to be feeling sorry for yourself. Get your behind moving and go practice your cultivation. The race that you're from is not a race that are strong in combat. That kid was a Purple Spirit right? Wait till you have strengthened your Spirit Reinforcement. By that time, you don't need to worry about a mere Purple Spirit, with a wave of your hand, a whole bunch of Silver Spirits will be kneeling before you to seek your favour. Don't waste any more time, go quickly." Su Ya might have been harsh with her words earlier, she could not help herself but try to assure her little disciple's "wounded" little heart. However, it became rather clear to see that she didn't really have the gift for consoling people.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded her head obediently, taking Su Ya's instructions to head back inside the Waning Moon Chambers to soak herself inside the wine pool.

    Su Ya did not return immediately but remained standing outside the door. After standing there silently for a while, she suddenly lifted her foot and went walking off in a different direction.

    Within a certain study inside the Cloudy Brook Academy, Tian Ze had his head buried deep among a big messy pile of books when his tightly locked door was brutally kicked wide open. Tian Ze's brows were knitted up together when he raised his head up. But in the instant that he saw who it was, the displeasure on his face immediately faded away, to be replaced by a highly stiffened smile.

    "Se..... Senior..... Why have you come here?" Tian Ze asked in a stutter, his heart involuntarily trembling a little the moment he saw that it was Su Ya.

    Su Ya turned her gaze to look around the place as she plopped her behind onto a chair at the side, her long slender legs crossed together with her back leaning against the chair in an easy manner.

    "This woman beat up a fool from the Spirit Power faculty."

    "Har?" Tian Ze was stunned a moment. "Er... was it a teacher or....."

    Su Ya arched up an eyebrow. "You think that bunch of fools would even dare to show me an angry face?"

    Tian Ze gulped loudly, immediately understanding that Su Ya's second mention of fools were the teachers from the Spirit Power faculty.

    "They won't dare." Tian Ze answered honestly.

    Throughout the whole Cloudy Brook Academy, with the exception of their Master, not a single teacher would dare provoke Su Ya in anyway.
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