Chapter 1590: “Queenly Su Ya (5)”

    Chapter 1590: "Queenly Su Ya (5)"

    Su Ya harrumphed contemptuously.

    Tian Ze then gulped back his saliva and asked rather warily: "Then it was a disciple from the Spirit Power Academy? How did he offend you?"

    With that question, Tian Ze was not seeking to know what that disciple had done to Su Ya, but actually wanted to know what Su Ya had done to that person.....

    Even the teachers at the Spirit Power faculty would be lowering their heads and bending their backs to show subservience before Su Ya, so how could a youth still training under the Spirit Power faculty be able to survive under Su Ya's hands?

    The fact that he still lived would already be the highest form of benevolence from the Heavens bestowed upon that disciple!

    "Not to me, but he was highly arrogant when he bullied my little disciple." Su Ya said with her brows furrowed together.

    Tian Ze was rather surprised, immediately realizing that Su Ya was talking about Jun Wu.

    "Jun Wu? I thought Jun Wu doesn't move around much outside? Why would someone be seeking trouble with him?" With a highly eccentric Master and a senior fellow disciple who does not act as she should, Tian Ze was left busy as a spinning top everyday dealing with the big and small affairs in the Cloudy Brook Academy, and hence, he would naturally have no time to concern himself with the different kinds of scheming and plotting that went on between the academy's disciples.

    "That is what I came here to ask you about! My little disciple is such a honest and diligent person, why had that fool from the Spirit Power faculty set his eyes on my little disciple! ? This woman here heard every single word clearly with my own ears! That fool had called my little disciple as trash abandoned by the Cloudy Brook Academy! With this matter, you jolly well get your warm behind off that chair and settle it for this woman!" Su Ya said with her enchanting eyes staring so hard at Tian Ze as if saying that if he dared tarry a moment longer on this, she would slap him right into the wall so hard that it would be hard to dig him out from it.

    Tian Ze had dealt with the affairs of the Cloudy Brook Academy for so long that once Su Ya told him what happened, he had already had a rather good idea what could have happened.

    It must be because of the fact that Jun Wu had been sent to remain by Su Ya's side, that made all the other disciples think that Jun Wu Xie was just an unfortunate person whom the Cloudy Brook Academy had abandoned.

    That really made Tian Ze speechless with unspeakable bitterness inside.

    That had not been his idea at all, but their Master's order. The little old man had asked Tian Ze to dump Jun Wu onto Su Ya and not given him any other instructions which Tian Ze had then completely forgotten about the entire matter after that.

    To people outside, the Waning Moon Chambers looked to be nothing else but just a wine cellar. Everyone only knew that a beautiful woman who had a rather nasty temper in there but no one knew just how terrifying the identity of the woman really was.

    The minds of youths drifted easily and they often liked to compare and compete in everything. Jun Wu became a prime target because he was the lone leaf from the Spirit Jade Palace, with nobody in the academy to rely on. After having been "discarded" into the Waning Moon Chambers, the little kid had naturally become the target of bullying by the other youths who were just so free that their eggs hurt.

    "This matter has happened due to a lapse of my judgement. So, what does Senior want me to do about this? I will listen to your instructions." Tian Ze said with a fawning smile, but his heart was in shock, as he had completely not expected to see Su Ya to value Jun Wu so much.

    It must be known that Jun Wu Xie was someone that their Master had forced upon Su Ya afterall.

    The fact that Su Ya had grudgingly accepted the kid was already highly surprising and Tian Ze had never thought Su Ya would really put so much heart towards the way she treated Jun Wu.

    Especially after..... having gone through that incident, Su Ya had never once asked about the affairs of the world, not caring in the slightest. Now, Su Ya had actually come up to him in person just because of Jun Wu and that surely wasn't a situation that showed Su Ya did not really care about.

    Su Ya stared at Tian Ze.

    "This woman wants you to open another faculty just for Jun Wu."

    "WHAT?" Tian Ze was flabbergasted.

    [Open a faculty just for Jun Wu alone? For just one person? An entire faculty! ?]

    Su Ya completely disregarded Tian Ze's shocked expression and went on to say calmly: "Just call it the Spirit Mastery faculty."

    "....." Tian Ze had no words in answer.

    "And the place for it will be the Waning Moon Chambers." Su Ya added.

    "....." Tian Ze just felt that his Senior must have really gone nuts.

    Spoiling one's disciple to such an insane extent, Tian Ze really felt like falling to his knees before his Senior.
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