Chapter 1591: “Spirit Mastery Faculty (1)”

    Chapter 1591: "Spirit Mastery Faculty (1)"

    Feeling completely helpless under Su Ya's highly piercing stare, Tian Ze did not dare say a single word in denial, and could only nod his head in agreement.

    On that very same day, the Cloudy Brook Academy suddenly announced that a new faculty had been created!

    The Spirit Mastery Faculty!

    Teacher-In-Charge: Su Ya.

    Disciple: Jun Wu.

    The entire faculty consisted only of two people!

    The signboard engraved with the three characters that portrayed "Waning Moon Chambers" was taken down and replaced with the characters that read "Spirit Mastery Faculty.

    All the disciples within the Cloudy Brook Academy that had always felt the academy was just too strict and unyielding were surprised to see that the Cloudy Brook Academy was actually capable of such a wilful deed.

    The incident where Su Ya brutally beat up Xu Mu had spread throughout the entire Cloudy Brook Academy and Xu Mu still had not awoken even after lying in bed for three consecutive days and nights. The disciples who were a little closer to Xu Mu went crying to their teachers in their faculty in complaint, pleading for them to seek justice for Xu Mu.

    In the end, when the teachers heard that the incident had happened at the Waning Moon Chambers, they immediately told the disciples: "Make sure Xu Mu gets plenty of rest. I have something I need to look into and I will need to leave now."

    Having a mysterious faculty created under such mystifying circumstances and because of the beating that Su Ya gave, everyone no longer even dared to tarry outside the Spirit Mastery faculty. When they needed to pass the place, they made a large detour, choosing the way that was furthest away from it, the further the better, and not a single disciple dared to berate Jun Wu with a single word near the Spirit Mastery faculty.

    Everyone became highly aware that Jun Wu whom everyone had deemed to be unremarkable and thought to have been abandoned by the Cloudy Brook Academy had the most powerful teacher of all within the entire academy!

    The merciless truth, slapped the nosey parkers across the faces at every moment of the day, the ridicule and taunts they had always heaped upon Jun Wu, were now all redirected back onto their own faces in return by Su Ya's unparalleled power.

    Everyone else had one teacher guiding several tens of them while Jun Wu enjoyed a one to one instruction with full attention given to him alone. Moreover, the kind of power that Su Ya possessed far surpassed all the teachers from the other various faculties and.....

    Looked far more beautiful and pleasing to the eye!

    Su Ya's domineering demeanor and overwhelming power made a large number of people to tremble in fear and their knees to shake.

    But at the very same time, Su Ya's beauty also caused many of the hearts of the excitable youths to thump furiously.

    A number of them even found excuses to hide and ambush outside the Spirit Mastery faculty, thinking up all kinds of reasons to renounce their original faculties, to switch into the newly formed Spirit Mastery faculty.

    Such a situation, was a completely unexpected turn of events.

    It could be seen from this, that before the allure of beauty and power, many people would lose their minds and conscience.

    Unfortunately, the doors of the Spirit Mastery faculty was always shut, only opening when Jun Wu entered or exited the premises. The youths outside who wanted to gain a peek at Su Ya's beauty were all denied the opportunity, despite them waiting with such great anticipation.

    Slowly, Jun Wu Xie found that a subtle change had come over her life in there. All those youths who once treated her with insults and ridicule, people who wished for nothing more than to trample her into the mud, began to reveal a smile at her, with some even attempting to engage in a chat, but were all repelled with a chilly stare of her eyes.

    But the kind of enmity and ostracization that she had always faced toned down by a fairly large extent.

    Everyone, was either fearful of Su Ya's powerful might, or were trying to win over Jun Wu, seeking to have the highly powerful and ravishing teacher look upon them with favour.

    Jun Wu Xie just felt.....

    Instead of having to put up with all these hypocritical smiles, she would very much rather welcome the genuine ridicule and insults from all of them.

    As Jun Wu's days were just taking a turn for the better, the days Lin Hao Yu lived was still deeply engulfed with fiery heat.

    Qiao Chu relentless persecution of Lin Hao Yu still continued on and the incident where Xu Mu had gone to seek trouble with Jun Wu but was taught a severe lesson by Su Ya also found their way into Gu Xin Yan's ears.
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