Chapter 1592: “Spirit Mastery Faculty (2)”

    Chapter 1592: "Spirit Mastery Faculty (2)"

    Qiao Chu relentless persecution of Lin Hao Yu still continued on and the incident where Xu Mu had gone to seek trouble with Jun Wu but was taught a severe lesson by Su Ya also found their way into Gu Xin Yan's ears.

    "Lin Hao Yu! Are you unable to understand my words at all! ?"Gu Xin Yan said angrily as she looked at Lin Hao Yu. She just could not believe that Lin Hao Yu could have done something so maniacal behind her back.

    She clearly remembered that she had reminded Lin Hao Yu many times, to not go provoke Jun Wu, but Lin Hao Yu had actually gone to seek Xu Mu on his own in secret behind her back, to get rid of Jun Wu for good. When she heard that news, Gu Xin Yan could not put the kind of fear her heart had felt then into words.

    She knew the kind of power Xu Mu possessed as he was a leading figure among the younger cohort of the Blood Fiend Palace. How could Jun Wu's spirit power ever compare to Xu Mu's?

    Lin Hao Yu's intentions were just too plain to see!

    If not for the fact that she knew Jun Wu was still safe and unhurt, Gu Xin Yan would not be able to hold herself back at all.

    Lin Hao Yu's face had a big wound upon it, caused by Qiao Chu just that very morning. He had just applied medicine upon the wound and the medicine stung badly which caused his face to twitch intermittently. When he saw Gu Xin Yan coming over and giving him a severe tongue lashing, not showing even the slightest concern for his injury but came here to argue with him over Jun Wu, Lin Hao Yu's heart immediately filled up with anger and aggrievement.

    "Xin Yan! The one that has her mind clouded is you! Jun Wu is from the Spirit Jade Palace! He has drawn his line very clearly with us! He is the one that caused the Blood Fiend Palace in be such hot soup! And now, not only do you have no intentions of seeking revenge against him, you are instead worrying about his welfare, Xin Yan! What is really going through that mind of yours! ? Is that kid really that great?" Lin Hao Yu endured the pain on his face and gave vent to the words that he had kept in his heart for a long time, shouting his words rather loudly.

    Bu Xin Yan's face turned a pale white shade as she suddenly averted her eyes. "What nonsense are you spouting? I do not understand it at all. I am doing all this for the sake of the Blood Fiend Palace's stability. With the situation that the Blood Fiend Palace is in now, do we really have the leisure to go seek trouble with him?"

    Lin Hao Yu laughed bitterly. "Xin Yan, do you really think you are able to get me to believe you like this?"

    Gu Xin Yan drew in a deep breath, sweeping away the unease within her heart. She then gazed seriously at Lin Hao Yu and said: "It's fine whether you believe me or not. I am doing all this only for the Blood Fiend Palace."

    She could not deny the feelings she had towards Jun Wu, but she had not stopped Lin Hao Yu from seeking to deal with Jun Wu purely because of her own feelings.

    The situation the Blood Fiend Palace was currently in was highly dire and they were having problems just protecting themselves. Where would they have the time to go bother with Jun Wu?

    Lin Hao Yu had taken action on his own accord and not only had he not achieved his goal, he had caused Xu Mu to be taken down. She had gone to see Xu Mu before this and his injuries were very severe. His meridians had been shattered and his Purple Spirit that he had achieved after so much difficulty had been impaired, his very vitality and constitution damaged. There was no need to even talk about recovery for him as even preserving all that he had originally been endowed with was highly difficult.

    Xu Mu had been rather talented and Gu Xin Yan's father had pinned quite high hopes on him. Letting the Blood Fiend Palace lose such a stellar talent must not happen and Gu Xin Yan had to think of a way to save Xu Mu.

    "I have already arranged for people to bring a letter back to the palace. Xu Mu's injury is not something that any regular healer will be able to treat and I hope you will take this incident as a lesson to you. No matter what you do from now on, please think on it first!" Gu Xin Yan threw that statement at Lin Hao Yu's feet, and then turned around to leave.

    Lin Hao Yu stared at Gu Xin Yan's determined back and his heart filled with despair, the hatred he had for Jun Wu not decreasing in the slightest, but instead roared to a greater intensity.

    "Jun Wu, I will make you pay for this someday!"
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