Chapter 1593: “Spirit Mastery Faculty (3)”

    Chapter 1593: "Spirit Mastery Faculty (3)"

    Lin Hao Yu's heart was full of rage and hate but faced with that situation, there was nothing he could do but secretly bottle up his hatred inside.

    Jun Wu Xie's situation was undergoing a subtle change from the previous highly unfriendly state she had been in. The number of people berating her had lessened significantly and the number of people spying on her Master was growing more and more.

    Faced with a whole bunch of these lascivious youths, Jun Wu Xie did not know what to say. She knew how great Su Ya looked but the number of people who were able to see Su Ya were not many, where most of the time, people only saw the vicious side of Su Ya.

    But this bunch of people still did not tire from trying to catch a glimpse of her, which made Jun Wu Xie unable to help herself but had the word "masochist" come to mind.

    Sometime Su Ya would be frustrated almost to death and she would then hide herself in the basement, hugging the wine jars to drink her fill.

    After Jun Wu Xie finished with her soak within the wine pool and changed into a fresh set of clothes, she then walked down from the third level to suddenly discover a hunchbacked figure seated within the main hall on the first floor.

    That back view, was one that Jun Wu Xie felt to be somewhat familiar.

    "Yo, little kid, long time no see. Do you still remember this old man?" An old man with a wizened face and his gaze like lit torches turned around to ask Jun Wu.

    It was the little old man that Jun Wu Xie had met in the woods upon Mount Fu Yao before.

    After parting ways that day, Jun Wu Xie had not seen the old man again, never expecting that she would see him appear here.

    The Cloudy Brook Academy prohibited any outsiders from coming into their premises and with this little old man appearing here, it would mean that he was from the Cloudy Brook Academy.

    Jun Wu Xie tried to guess at the little old man's identity in her mind but her face showed nothing, but just nodded slightly at the little old man.

    "Young people have such good memories. I have not thanked you for that day, for having healed Spotty. If you do not have much to do, then sit down and have a chat with me." The little old man laughed amiably, not showing any sign of the eccentricities he had displayed back then.

    Jun Wu Xie looked at him and hesitated a short moment before sitting herself down at the side.

    Since the other party was someone from the Cloudy Brook Academy, she thought that she wouldn't want to get into any conflict with him.

    Even if not for her own sake, she thought she didn't want to add any trouble for Su Ya.

    "Are you adjusting well to life in the Cloudy Brook Academy" The little old man asked with a laugh.

    "It's alright." Jun Wu Xie replied without any expression on her face, but thinking that the little old man was rather strange in her heart. When they had met the first time, the little old man had not been so "polite and refined".

    "As long as you're doing fine. Oh, that's right." The little old man's eyes turned and he carefully and gingerly pulled out a little porcelain bottle out from his robes.

    Jun Wu Xie stared at it a moment. Isn't that the bottle she had thrown to the little old man back then?

    It had already been a few months and he was still keeping it!

    "Heh heh, little kid, you went off in a hurry the last time and there are some things I have not finished saying to you. I want to ask you how did you actually manage to produce this? Is there any secret to it?" The little old man asked as he looked at Jun Wu seriously, his eyes sparkling brightly with the thirst for knowledge.

    "....." Jun Wu Xie was speechless as she looked at the little old man. Just how crazy was this little old man towards elixir cultivation.

    But when she recalled all the "poisons" that the little old man had shown her back then, Jun Wu Xie suddenly felt..... that it would be better if the little old man did not meddle in medicines at all throughout his life, or he might very well poison someone to death one fine day.

    Those medicines that he had, would not save anybody, but would do very well if they were used to harm people!

    Seeing that Jun Wu was not saying anything, the little old man cringed up his nose and said: "Kid, don't be so petty alright? We both love the pursuit of knowledge in Medicine and it is key for us to share what we know, or how can one achieve greater things?"

    Jun Wu Xie was speechless. She suddenly felt that agreeing to chat with the little old man was the wrong choice to make.

    Where had this fella sprouted out from? Hadn't Su Ya noticed it at all?
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