Chapter 1594: “Spouting Nonsense with a Straight Face (1)”

    Chapter 1594: "Spouting Nonsense with a Straight Face (1)"

    The little old man chattered incessantly beside Jun Wu Xie's ears and Jun Wu Xie did not show any expression from beginning to end, but someone could just talk non stop by himself for more than an hour, which Jun Wu Xie thought was a feat on its own.

    "Elderly one." Jun Wu Xie thought that if she was to let him continue to chatter on, the skies would have darkened.

    The little old man opened his eyes and looked at Jun Wu Xie. "Kid, have you thought it through? For the glory of medical practitioners, have you already decided to bring out your skills in medicine and explore it together with me?"

    Jun Wu Xie was speechless as she looked at the highly passionate and excitable little old man.

    [Glory of a medical practitioner?]

    [Is he sure that he is not dragging other fellow medical learners down?]

    After being admitted into the Cloudy Brook Academy, Jun Wu Xie finally knew what a medical learner was. The medical learners of the Middle Realm was rather similar to a physician in the Lower Realm but with its differences. Healing and elixir concoction complemented each other and they were even segregated into different grades after assessment. From being a medical disciple, one then became a Healer, and after that, a Doctor and Grand Doctor.

    Jun Wu Xie found that highly dull and could not understand what was there to compete about in such things.

    Even the little old man before her could become a Doctor..... It seems that the quality of physicians in the Middle Realm were not to be trusted.

    "Elderly one, I think you might have misunderstood." Jun Wu Xie really wasn't willing to continue hearing the little old man chatter and hence she decided she should seek to save her own weak eardrums.

    "What do you mean?" The little old man asked in puzzlement as he looked at Jun Wu.

    Jun Wu Xie then said with a completely straight face and said: "I do not know anything about Medicine and I know absolutely nothing about concocting medicine."

    "How is that possible! You definitely told me before that you had concocted the medicine yourself!" The little old man said, purposely shaking the medicine bottle he held in his hand, indicating that he had proof.

    Jun Wu Xie then explained seriously: "That medicine is indeed concocted by me but I have merely followed a prescription and the steps indicated to concoct that. How it was formed and what principle is behind that is beyond me as what I've done is merely to follow the steps.

    The little old man's face was filled with disbelief.

    "Kid, do try to pull wool over my eyes just because I'm old. Although I am rather advanced in age, but I still have not yet gone senile. Concocting medicine is not making tofu and people without a certain level of foundation, no matter what kind of presciption they got, they would not be able to concoct such a flawless elixir."

    Towards that point, the little old man had a lot of prior experience, He had many medical books in his possession and he had also secretly peeked at others concocting it, remembering every single step very clearly, but the result had been the same every time..... Horrible.

    Jun Wu Xie did not show the slightest awkwardness and she continued to say: "If the elderly one does not believe me I can bring the prescription here and tell you the way to concoct it. You'll know once you try it."

    As long as he does not hold that bottle of medicine to come ask her to fight for the glory of medical practitioners, anything goes!

    Please spare me!

    The little man man stared in half disbelief as he looked at Jun Wu, the little old man's eyes surveying Jun Wu's cold and expressionless face, seeking to find the slightest sign that showed that Jun Wu was lying. But within that pair of clear eyes, he could not find any sign of subterfuge in there.

    Looking really.....

    Especially earnest!

    "Is there really such a thing? That works for me as well. Give it to me to let me have a try and if it works, I will believe your words. But if it fails, Kid, you had better not be trying to trick an old man." The little old man said, the expression on his face completely unlike an old man, with a white beard streaked with grey, but his demeanor just like a child.

    Like his youth was being rejuvenated. Jun Wu Xie sighed lightly inwardly but her face maintaining a highly serious look.

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