Chapter 1595: “Spouting Nonsense with a Straight Face (2)”

    Chapter 1595: "Spouting Nonsense with a Straight Face (2)"

    "I'll come get it from you tomorrow and you'd better not just be toying with me." The little old man went on add another few words worriedly.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded vehemently and that was how she finally managed to persuade the little old man whom had appeared out of nowhere to leave.

    While the little old man was leaving, he still turned his head back several times to check Jun Wu Xie's reaction, trying to locate a crack on Jun Wu's stoic face. However, upon that face that was like unmeltable ice mountain, the little old man did not manage to find anything.

    Seeing the little old man off with her eyes, Jun Wu Xie finally blew out a breath in relief.

    If this had been someone else, she would not have wanted to even speak much at all. But this person's power obviously surpassed hers and was someone from the Cloudy Brook Academy. Hence, in order to not bring any trouble to Su Ya, she had to think of something to appease this ball of trouble.

    The only thing to blame was why she had to be so nosey as to go save that spotted deer!

    Su Ya came out from the basement about half an hour and she saw that her little disciple was preparing to leave.

    "You rascal, you don't know how to come sound out to me when you're leaving? That's just not adorable at all!" Su Ya said indignantly when she saw that Jun Wu was about to leave.

    Jun Wu Xie had no choice but to turn herself around, and to bow to Su Ya respectfully and said: "Master, your disciple will be going back now."

    The corners of Su Ya's lips curled up in satisfaction before she waved her hand dismissively and said: "Scram, don't hinder this woman from drinking."

    Jun Wu Xie looked at her own Master helplessly, not knowing whether to laugh or to cry, before obediently making her way outside.

    Early the next morning, when Jun Wu Xie came to the Spirit Mastery faculty, Su Ya was not in the loft. Jun Wu Xie then began cleaning the place as per usual and was preparing herself to continue with her daily soak in the wine pool. But she had not even stepped upon the stairs leading upstairs when that little old man who came and left without a single trace appeared once again.

    "Hey! Kid! Did you bring the prescription?" The little old man who had still been suspicious and doubtful yesterday suddenly could not wait to ask the moment he saw Jun Wu.

    Jun Wu Xie had already prepared herself and seeing that the little old man had come here in such a rush, she immediately handed two pieces of paper that were filled up with words into the hands of the little old man.

    "This is the prescription, this lists the steps." Jun Wu Xie explained highly simply.

    After receiving the prescription and the list showing the steps to be taken, the little old man was suddenly too miserly to even glance a single time at Jun Wu at all, but just stared piercingly at the two pieces of paper he held, his eyes almost glowing green!

    The prescription was not unfamiliar to the little old man, rather similar to other prescriptions, the only difference being only the herbs used and the quantity it required. But what the little old man was really concerned about was that the fact upon the piece of paper that spelt out every single step to take, the tightly filled up paper explained in detail every single step from processing the herbs to the point that the elixir was successfully produced. Every last detail to even the intensity of the flames, time, and even the amount to be mixed, precise in every aspect. Even for people who had personally witnessed the entire process of elixir cultivation would find it hard to think of everything. This was the most detailed description for steps to be taken ever seem by the little old man throughout his entire life.

    With just a glance thrown upon the sheet, the steps reflected there then formed into a series of pictures forming up in his mind into a picture!

    Before this, the little old man had thought it to be wishful thinking for anyone to be able produce elixirs merely by following steps written out on a piece of paper. Seeing the piece of paper that was so tightly filled with every single step to take, he was convinced!

    He definitely believed that with the detailed instructions given, one would be able to completely duplicate the entire elixir cultivation process!

    That was just too detailed!

    Poring over the sheet back and forth several times, the little old man was unable to hold his delight as he looked at Jun Wu. "This thing is just amazing. Little one, where did you get this?"

    Jun Wu Xie then replied calmly: "Stolen while on my travels."
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