Chapter 1596: “Spouting Nonsense with a Straight Face (3)”

    Chapter 1596: "Spouting Nonsense with a Straight Face (3)"

    The little old man's face was one of astonishment. He could not believe that a "unauthorized personnel keep out" person like Jun Wu could say he "stole" so nonchalantly.

    [Stolen from his own race?]

    [Stolen from the Spirit Mastery race?]

    The little old man looked at Jun Wu with another trace of complication in his eyes.

    [The child looks so completely honest and guileless, how could he commit a sleight of hand so matter of factly?]


    [What a great heist!]

    The little old man wasn't about to pretend to be so righteous standing to gain from this and he turned a highly smiling face around to say: "The Spirit Mastery race are skilled in cultivating medicines as well?"

    How could Jun Wu Xie miss the little old man's obvious attempt at fishing for information? She wasn't about to jump into it.

    "It varies among the individuals."

    The little old man stroked his beard and it was not known what kind of funny ideas was hidden behind his eyes as they hovered fleetingly over the tiny figure of Jun Wu Xie.

    "Such a thing is not what an average person is able to write and compile together properly. I know quite a few Grand Doctors and I have even met that old Medical Saint Bai Xu. Even for him, I think he will not be able to produce something so detailed." The little old man said. Though not skilled in medical cultivation, but he had a good eye in assessing such things. With this step by step guide, not just him, even a ten year old child would be able to produce it, which was just too incredible to see!

    With just a few pieces of paper and one was able to wipe out half a medical practitioner's lifeblood. It was something immensely powerful and it would really chill the hearts of some.

    The Spirit Mastery race was by itself a race that people of the Middle Realm were not familiar with and before Jun Wu appeared, none of them had even heard of the words Spirit Mastery race, much less about the very existence of Spirit Reinforcement itself.

    If there was really a medical practitioner who possessed such heaven defying skills within the Spirit Mastery race, then that race would truly be one that was not just that simple.

    Jun Wu Xie would never have dreamt that something she had scribbled out just "any olde how" to appease the little old man would be able to arouse the little old man's wariness as if truth was to be told, that was just a compilation of the steps needed to concoct the medicine which had taken her slightly more than ten minutes last night of speed scribbling. The reason that it had been written out in such great detail was because it was meant to..... be usable even to people who did not know anything about medicine, never having thought that it would turn out to be such a controversial piece of work.

    As expected, an encounter with this eccentric little old man would only bring no good.

    "Is it? No wonder the Chief treasured it so much." Feeling rather helpless, Jun Wu Xie's face was however still completely calm, looking like she did not fully understand it, her words leading the little old man by the nose into a ditch.

    [Priceless and amazing?]

    [No sweat, just tag it as a priceless heirloom of the race and all is solved.]

    Just as Jun Wu Xie had expected, after she said those words, the expression on the face of the little old man immediately underwent a subtle change.

    [The Chief treasured it so much.....]

    [So this is not something that the Spirit Mastery race had just gotten anyone to write out? It was really a highly treasured article?]

    Jun Wu's words calmed the little old man down a little.

    "This item is truly something you have stolen..... Cough..... borrowed from the Chief?" The little old man couldn't help himself but feel that the word..... "stolen" was a little too sinister.

    "Mm, had a big fight just before I left and I swiped it as a little form of compensation." Jun Wu Xie said it in such a way as if it had really happened, the light manner she had presented her case across made people feel as if everything she said was just so highly plausible.

    With just a few placating words from Jun Wu, the little old man really believed that that was really a priceless heirloom of the Spirit Mastery race.

    "Cough..... then..... Since it's such a treasured heirloom of your Spirit Mastery race, I will..... just have a quick look at it and bring it back to you in a couple of days." The little old man suddenly looked highly serious on this rare occasion, albeit only for a split second, before he immediately reverted back to his eccentric ways, his eyes filling up with infatuation and excitement.

    It might be a bit too Heaven defying, but..... to a medical practitioner..... the temptation was just too great.
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