Chapter 1597: “Spouting Nonsense with a Straight Face (4)”

    Chapter 1597: "Spouting Nonsense with a Straight Face (4)"

    Especially when it was towards some particular person, it was practically tailored just to suit him!

    Even when he knew that the item was "ill gotten gains", the little old man could not bear to let go of the "treasure".

    Jun Wu Xie had initially intended to dump the item onto the little old man and then forget about the whole thing. But now that she had proclaimed it to be the race's treasured heirloom, if she were to say that she didn't want it back, it might not sound right and hence she just nodded her head without saying anything much.

    So, the little old man then treated the few pieces of papers like they were completely priceless treasures, stacking them neatly together and even wrapping them up properly before slipping the package before his chest.

    The corners of Jun Wu Xie's mouth twitched slightly. If the little old man knew that those two pieces of paper were something she had carelessly scribbled, it was wondered what he would think.

    "Will that be all then?" Jun Wu Xie felt that it was best to have less contact with people like this as much as possible. It was not because of his inestimable power, but because of his unpredictable mind.....

    "That's all, that will be all! Kid, I have high hopes for you! You sure know how to respect your elders. Rest assured, since you have been so generous to lend such a treasure to me, I will definitely not let you be put at a disadvantage in the future as this old man will look out for you from now on." Exploit someone and you have to hold your tongue, take from someone and you have to hold your hand against them. Although the little old man did not manage to find himself a medical genius, he had at least gotten his hands on something amazing. Hence, the delight in his heart went without saying, his face smiling till his wrinkles had crinkled up like a meat bun.

    Jun Wu Xie pretended she had not heard anything at all.

    "I'll go get busy." Jun Wu Xie said as she turned around.

    "Go ahead, go ahead! Do what you have to!" The little old man waved his hand at Jun Wu and it was only after Jun Wu had gone upstairs that he sniggered to himself, clutching the item tightly in bliss as he went out of the Spirit Mastery faculty, walking like there was wind beneath his feet, his steps light and quick.

    Tian Ze had been waiting outside the door of the Headmaster's study, his face gloomy when he saw his own Master cum Headmaster, the self deprecating old man who came bumbling in return from outside.

    "My Lord....." Tian Ze suppressed the feeling of almost vomiting out blood in his heart as he stepped forward in welcome.

    The little old man was in a rather jovial mood and when he saw his foolish disciple stepping forward, he did not berate him on this rare instance but had a smile plastered on his face as he said: "Little Tian, for what have you come to seek your Master?"

    Tian Ze was completely dumbstruck with utter shock like he was struck by lightning!

    [What's wrong with Master?]

    [Wasn't he forbidden to address him as Master in the academy? Why had he suddenly called himself his Master?]

    As someone who had stayed by the little old man's side for so many years he had instantly detected.....

    That someone's mood was soaring!

    Just how long had he not called him Little Tian already? For so many years he had just been called scoundrel.....

    "Cough..... The Blood Fiend Palace sent news here." Tian Ze fought to quell the speechlessness in his heart and said with a feigned calm.

    "Blood Fiend Palace? What kind of a farce have those scoundrels come up with again?" The little old man's face instantly changed from radiant smiles to utter impatience, his eyes filled with disdain.

    "A disciple from the Blood Fiend Palace sustained severe injuries in the Cloudy Brook Academy and his condition has not improved. The Blood Fiend Palace requests for permission to bring in a medical practitioner to treat him." Tian Ze said.

    "It's just a disciple and if he's only gotten injured. If they to treat him, they should just bring him back, why are they bringing people into my Cloudy Brook Academy?" The little old man's tone was highly resistant.

    Tian Ze wiped at the cold sweat upon his forehead and said: "The one injured is Xu Mu from the Spirit Power faculty and the teachers from the Spirit Power faculty had praised him several times before. He's someone the Cloudy Brook Academy had groomed and the Blood Fiend Palace values him very much."
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