Chapter 1598: “Guests from the Blood Fiend Palace (1)”

    Chapter 1598: "Guests from the Blood Fiend Palace (1)"

    If it had been someone else, people might very well have left the whole thing alone. But as Xu Mu in the Blood Fiend Palace and the Cloudy Brook Academy was considered as one of the more outstanding ones, he could not be compared to the other regular disciples.


    "Cough..... Xu Mu was injured by Senior." Tian Ze finally told on the culprit behind it.

    The little old man arched up an eyebrow.

    "Little Ya? How had that boy provoked her to make her raise her hand? That couldn't have been easy." While saying that, the little old man's face was filled with a kind of melancholy.

    Tian Ze was stunned.

    [This shouldn't be the moment to be moved that Senior had "finally" made a move against someone right? Shouldn't you rather be asking why Senior beat up someone to such a state?]

    After Xu Mu was injured, Tian Ze had gone to see him before. He had seen with his own eyes how badly Xu Mu had been beaten up, his face swelled up to be no different from a pig's head. It had already been more than half a month and there was still no sign of the swelling dissipating.

    It could very well be imagined just how vicious Su Ya had been.

    She had just not taken Xu Mu's life.

    "It was because of Jun Wu." Tian Ze opened his mouth to say helplessly.

    "Jun Wu? What does this have to do with that little kid?" The little old man's interest was piqued.

    Tian Ze told of Xu Mu having gone to the Waning Moon Chambers to curse and berate Jun Wu, trying to make Jun Wu fight back, but was slapped by Su Ya, retelling the entire tale of the cause and effects that led to the incident.

    The little old man heard everything with relish, a wide smile blooming upon his face.

    "The Blood Fiend Palace and Jun Wu? That is rather interesting. I had thought that the little one usually did not speak much at all but he had actually drawn the eye of the Blood Fiend Palace on him. He's really something. Little Ya has not done anything wrong in this matter as if one did not protect one's own disciples, who would? I see that Little Ya has curbed her temper over the years by quite a bit. Back in the day, when that person got bullied, hadn't she immediately just charged right up and wiped out the whole clan? Seems like her years of being a recluse has taught her some restraint. How joyous." The little old man stroked at his beard as he laughed in delight.

    If these words had been heard by anyone else, that person would have surely vomited blood. Beating someone till their spirit power meridians were severed and he calls that restrained?

    It seems that in the little old man's eyes, it was only natural that Su Ya had wiped out an entire clan?

    Tian Ze had become so used to his own Master's and Senior's unorthodox and perverted mentality that hearing his Master's words which went against all perceptions of the norm, Tian Ze did not raise any single objection.


    [Master, when an elderly one such as you praises Senior for acting well within reason, could you also spare a glance towards this disciple of yours who is tormented by the both of you like a dog! ?]

    [And you said one had to protect his own protege!]

    "The Blood Fiend Palace has said that they have already sent their people to come here. It was Senior who struck the guy and it might not be that easy to resolve, don't you think?" Tian Ze struggled to make himself calm down as he said.

    With Master and Senior given in to lunacy, as the only person within the sect, he must definitely pull himself together!

    The little old man stroked his beard and then said in a completely unaffected tone: "Even if it was Little Ya who did it, our rules here in the Cloudy Brook Academy still has to be guarded and upheld. People who does not belong to the Cloudy Brook Academy, what reason do they have to enter the academy grounds?"

    His disciple had merely protected her own disciple, as the Grandmaster, he would naturally have to help them hold the fort!

    Tian Ze then replied: "But the people the Blood Fiend Palace had sent are exactly people who have graduated from the Cloudy Brook Academy."

    "Oh?" The little old man raised an eyebrow. He had thought that the Blood Fiend Palace would have sent those stubborn old fools.


    "Gu Ying." Tian Ze answered.

    In the instant that those two words fell into the little old man's ears, a sliver of surprise came into the little old man's eyes.

    "Why must it be him?"

    He usually did not concern himself about the disciples of the Cloudy Brook Academy but this person Gu Ying was someone he remembered vividly.
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