Chapter 1599: “Guests from the Blood Fiend Palace (2)”

    Chapter 1599: "Guests from the Blood Fiend Palace (2)"

    That was the first time in the entire history of the Cloudy Brook Academy that they took the initiative to ask a disciple to leave!

    "If my memory serves me correctly, Gu Ying was from the Spirit Power faculty was he not? When did he become a medical practitioner? He suddenly knows how to treat injuries for people now?" The little old man's brows creased together, his tone of voice becoming heavy.

    Tian Ze then replied: "The explanation the Blood Fiend Palace gave us was that they did not want to break the rules of the Cloudy Brook Academy. As Gu Ying had only left the academy due to an accident previously, he could still be considered to be a disciple of the academy in a way. Having him bring the medicine that would be used to treat Xu Mu would then be deemed to be within the rules."

    The Blood Fiend Palace was not dumb and they knew that nobody would be able to change the rules within the Cloudy Brook Academy, hence, they had thought up of such a method.


    Gu Ying's return was not good news at all.

    The Cloudy Brook Academy allowed their disciples to fight and had never questioned them about it. But for most people, even when locked in conflict, they acted within certain boundaries of propriety. But Gu Ying had never known the meaning of propriety. He had a strong urge to kill and had never once let his opponent live. The reason he struck had always been done on just a mere whim.

    Gu Ying had been in the Cloudy Brook Academy only for a year and the number of people who have lost their lives under his hands had been countless. In that year among the other palaces, there weren't any monstrous people like Qiao Chu and the gang whose powers dominated over others. Gu Ying's powers were highly outstanding and even if people seek to attack him jointly, they were unable to overcome his elusive ways and that merciless viciousness.

    Gu Ying Long killed only for the pleasure of killing and he did not need any reason to do it.

    Just because he thought that a young girl's eyes were attractive, he had lopped that girl's head off and dug her eyes out, to place them in a bottle to admire and toy with. And it was exactly that bloodthirsty nature of his that had led to him being asked to leave by the Cloudy Brook Academy, using the reason of allowing him to go travel as an excuse for him to chase him out of the Cloudy Brook Academy.

    But Tian Ze had never thought that after just a few years, Gu Ying would suddenly come back!

    "They are a bunch of cunning scoundrels, knowing to use the rules of the Cloudy Brook Academy to make their request." The little old man said with a sneer. "Forget it. Just let them come. I would really like to see what kind of a splash the Blood Fiend Palace would be able create in my Cloudy Brook Academy.'

    "Yes, my Lord." Tian Ze acknowledged the orders.

    "Alright, make yourself scarce." His joyous good mood had been completely dampened as the little old man slowly walked towards his study with his hands clasped behind his back.

    Tian Ze quickly relayed the little old man's orders to the people from the Blood Fiend Palace.

    A few days later, Lin Hao Yu knocked on Gu Xin Yan's room door. Over this period, his life had been hell and added to that fact, Gu Xin Yan had been giving him the cold shoulder because he secretly went to seek out Xu Mu. Xu Mu's heart felt as if a ball of flame was burning inside, making him feel so much like he wanted to release that ball of fire, to burn up everything that he hated.

    "What are you here for?" When Gu Xin Yan saw Lin Hao Yu, her willowy brows immediately creasing slightly, subconsciously proceeding to shut the door.

    Lin Hao Yu hurriedly stretched his hand out to hold the door open, not giving Gu Xin Yan the chance to shut the door.

    "What do you want?" Gu Xin Yan stared at Lin Hao Yu, highly displeased.

    Lin Hao Yu gave her a bitter laugh and said: "Xin Yan, you're still mad at me? I've realized my mistake and I should not have ignored your advice and acted on my own. But are you really not going to speak to me because of this? You know very well the current situation the Blood Fiend Palace's in now and if we continue to be at odds with each other, how are all the others going to deal with all this?"

    "Watching and moving according to the circumstances would be the best way to deal with it now." Gu Xin Yan was not about to buy into it.

    "I came here to find you today not to disturb you but because there is something I need to tell you." Lin Hao Yu was helpless and could only say that in a highly serious tone.
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