Chapter 1600: “Guests from the Blood Fiend Palace (3)”

    Chapter 1600: "Guests from the Blood Fiend Palace (3)"

    "Watching and moving according to the circumstances would be the best way to deal with it now." Gu Xin Yan was not about to buy into it.

    "I came here to find you today not to disturb you but because there is something I need to tell you." Lin Hao Yu was helpless and could only say that in a highly serious tone.

    "What is it?" Gu Xin Yan asked impatiently.

    "Gu Ying is coming here." Lin Hao Yu said.

    "What?" Gu Xin Yan's face showed a trace of shock, tinged with a sliver of fear.

    "The Lord sent him here to deliver medicine for Xu Mu and the Cloudy Brook Academy has agreed to it." Lin Hao Yu said seeing Gu Xin Yan's face immediately turning white as a sheet and his heart filled with an inexplicable feeling. A little bit of pain, and also a tinge of glee.....

    [She was still scared of that person afterall.]

    Gu Xin Yan bit down upon her lip, her face turned an ugly shade.

    Lin Hao Yu then said with concern in his voice: "Xin Yan, rest assured. Gu Ying is no longer the same as before. Those kind of things will not happen again. Moreover, with me around, I will not let him hurt you."

    Gu Xin Yan drew in a deep breath and fought to quell the instinctive fear within her heart. She raised her head and stared at Lin Hao Yu who was looking highly concerned.

    "You came here just to tell me this?"

    "Yes....." Lin Hao Yu was slightly surprised.

    "I know it now, and you can go." Gu Xin Yan said as she pushed Lin Hao Yu's hand off the door, and then pushing her room's door tightly shut.

    Lin Hao Yu was left staring at the shut door before him, his face pale and slightly green. In the end, he snorted derisively and walked away from the door.

    Half a month later, on the summit of Mount Fu Yao, the front gates of the Cloudy Brook Academy received an exceptional guest.

    "Till here will do. Any further in and all of you will not be allowed inside." At the front doors of the Cloudy Brook Academy, was a highly handsome looking youth who had a brilliant smile hanging upon the ends of his mouth, who said that to the guards beside him.

    "Yes!" The guards obediently turned themselves around to depart, leaving the handsome youth to stand alone outside the doors.

    A tall figure then slowly came to appear from inside the Cloudy Brook Academy's main doors.

    Without any expression on his face, Tian Ze stared coldly at the handsome looking youth on the other side of the doors.

    Over the past few years, that person's looks had not changed by all that much, but under that ever present haughtiness of youth, there was a kind of undeterminable demeanor around him.

    "To think that I would have to trouble Teacher Tian Ze himself to personally come welcome me. I must say I have been accorded quite a bit of attention." The handsome youth was all smiles as he looked at the cold faced Tian Ze, his words tinged with smiles, that would not make anyone feel any dangers coming from him.

    But Tian Ze wasn't about to let himself be taken in by this seemingly harmless facade.

    "Gu Ying, we are allowing you to come into the Cloudy Brook Academy this time only because of Xu Mu's needs. After Xu Mu's condition shows signs of improvement, you will then have to leave." Tian Ze's voice was hard, his eyes highly wary against the other party.

    Gu Ying gave a light laugh and he tilted his head slightly to look at the stern faced Tian Ze.

    "That's just so heartless. I am still a disciple of the CLoudy Brook Academy afterall and ostracizing me such a manner is really being very cruel to me."

    The youth was looked highly refined just by standing there, growing to become more eye catching. There wasn't the slightest blemish upon that brilliant smile from him but Tian Ze knew, hidden under that handsome countenance, just how big a bloodthirsty devil the youth really was.

    "From the day that you left, you were no longer considered as a disciple of the Cloudy Brook Academy and having allowed you to set foot within the Cloudy Brook Academy was already the biggest leeway we could give you." Tian Ze did not dare to relax his guard in the slightest. The Cloudy Brook Academy must never allow a demon such a him to appear within their walls!

    Gu Ying shrugged his shoulders slightly.

    "No problem. I came here just to deliver the medicine and came to visit my sister along the way as well."
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