Chapter 1602: “The Devil Descends (1)”

    Chapter 1602: "The Devil Descends (1)"

    But there was one thing that Jun Wu Xie felt was a little strange. In Gu Xin Yan's eyes, she did not see the kind of joy that a reunion between siblings who had been separated for a period would bring, but instead saw a kind of unease and fear.

    Jun Wu Xie did not know if that kind of a reaction was normal but what she could really feel at that moment was that the arrival of Gu Ying brought a kind of unsettling element into the picture.

    Although Qiao Chu and the others had altered their looks a little after coming to the Middle Realm, but the changes they made had not been drastic where they maintained many traces of their original looks. Jun Wu Xie could not be sure whether Gu Ying still had an impression of Qiao Chu and the others but if they were discovered by Gu Ying, things might then get a little thorny.

    In the beginning when Jun Wu Xie had been searching for the maps throughout the lands, she would always make adjustments to her countenance and outlook, afraid that after she snatched the maps away, she would be remembered by remnant members of the Twelve Palaces. If there came a day that the Twelve Palaces discovered that the maps they had all lost were intricately linked to her, they wouldn't even need to know that she had found the Dark Emperor's tomb before they would all seek to destroy her.

    After she went back to her room, Jun Wu Xie immediately got Ye Sha and Ye Gu to bring a message to Qiao Chu and the others, asking them to temporarily halt their persecution and hindrance of the Blood Fiend Palace and to minimise the time they spent outside as much as possible, in case they drew the attention of Gu Ying.

    And among all the companions, Jun Wu Xie was most worried about Fan Zhuo losing control of himself.

    Fan Zhuo's foster parent had died by Gu Ying's hands and Jun Wu Xie could not be certain that if Fan Zhuo knew that Gu Ying was still alive, and had even appeared here in the Cloudy Brook Academy, what kind of a reaction would he have.

    Gu Ying's arrival was specially suppressed by the Cloudy Brook Academy and only a few people knew about it. And among them, was Lin Hao Yu.

    Lin Hao Yu almost could not wait to rush himself to Gu Xin Yan's room. After he knocked and the door was opened, he immediately saw from outside the door the brilliantly smiling countenance of Gu Ying.

    "Big Brother Gu Ying, you've come." In the first instance that Lin Hao Yu saw Gu Ying, he could not help himself but become startled, by the hazy memories etched deep in his mind that was brought out to the surface by that face smiling brilliantly at him.

    Gu Ying looked smilingly at the nervous Lin Hao Yu and said: "So it's you. Come on in."

    Lin Hao Yu stepped inside obediently, telling himself repeatedly in his mind, that things now were no longer the same as before.

    In the room, Gu Xin Yan sat quietly upon a chair by the side. Her face was pale and there wasn't the slightest colour on it, her attractive looking lips tightly stiffened, her entire body seemingly tensed up with anxiety and unease.

    The atmosphere within the room was a little strange. Lin Hao Yu had already prepared a whole stomachful of words that he wanted to say to Gu Ying but when he saw Gu Ying's brilliant smile and Gu Xin Yan's pale face, those words seemed to become stuck within his throat.

    With a devil like this one, can you really trust him?

    A huge struggle then rose within Lin Hao Yu's heart.

    It was silent within the room and Lin Hao Yu stood stiffly frozen within the room, not daring to even sit. Gu Xin Yan had merely raised her eyes up briefly to glance at him and then lowered it back down, not knowing what she was doing. Only Gu Ying's smile remained the same, like he had not noticed anything at all.

    "Lin Hao Yu." Gu Ying said suddenly as he looked at the highly stiff Lin Hao Yu. Lin Hao Yu jumped and quickly turned to look at Gu Ying.

    "Big Brother Gu Ying." Lin Hao Yu's voice was even trembling a little.

    "I remember that I told you before that if you gaze at my sister with eyes like that again, I will dig your eyes out. Don't you remember?" Gu Ying said with a highly languid voice, his chin propped up with one hand, as he spat out those chilling words.
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