Chapter 1603: “The Devil Descends (2)”

    Chapter 1603: "The Devil Descends (2)"

    His voice was almost laughing with the corners of his mouth lifted up, but there was completely no mirth in his pair of eyes but just a kind of chilling bloodthirstiness.

    "No..... No..... I remember." Lin Hao Yu said with his entire body trembling uncontrollably.

    Gu Xin Yan's brows creased up together but could not say anything.

    Gu Ying suddenly laughed when he saw that the colour had faded from Lin Hao Yu's face completely as he said: "Don't be so nervous, I am just kidding with you. You are Elder Lin's grandson so why would I harm you? See how ugly a shade your face had become. Have a seat."

    Lin Hao Yu smiled stiffly rather awkwardly, his heart not relieved in the slightest by Gu Ying's words, because he knew very clearly that Gu Ying had not been joking earlier.

    "Thank you Big Brother Gu Ying." Lin Hao Yu sat down on a chair at the side, his heart feeling like a battle between the mortals and the gods had erupted within it.

    Facing Gu Ying, would he be able to carry out all that he had planned to do?

    Before he came, Lin Hao Yu had already thought it through. Although Gu Ying had a weird personality, he was nevertheless still the Blood Fiend Palace Lord's son. Now that the Blood Fiend Palace was in such dire straits within the Cloudy Brook Academy, Gu Ying as a member of the Blood Fiend Palace would not just sit back and watch, to not do anything about it. Maybe..... Lin Hao Yu just might be able to use Gu Ying's presence here to turn around the situation the Blood Fiend Palace was currently in.

    But with Gu Ying in front of him, Lin Hao Yu's heart did not dare to be that certain anymore.

    Within that room, only Gu Ying had a smile on his face and the colour of Lin Hao Yu's and Gu Xin Yan's faces were looking rather ugly, both of them not saying a word.

    This strange situation made it hard for people to believe that Gu Ying who sat before the two of them was actually from the same palace as them.

    "How things at the Cloudy Brook Academy for the two of you?" Gu Ying seemed to have not noticed how nervous the two of them were as he opened his mouth to ask the two people calmly.

    Gu Xin Yan did not react but Lin Hao Yu's heart was startled. He was afraid of Gu Ying but over this period of time, he had lived a miserable existence with Qiao Chu hounding him everyday without rest, giving him absolutely no way out.

    If he chose not to tell Gu Ying about it, then his days ahead in the Cloudy Brook Academy would surely not change for the better than what it was now.

    After struggling with his heart for a while, Lin Hao Yu suddenly took a deep breath, preparing to open his mouth to speak. But just as he was about to speak up, he saw Gu Xin Yan staring at him with a kind of warning in her gaze.

    In that pair of sparkling eyes, they were clearly filled with disapproval.

    She was unwilling to let him say anything, especially when it was right in front of Gu Ying.

    Lin Hao Yu was initially still a little hesitant, but when he saw the look in Gu Xin Yan's eyes, he suddenly felt a rage surge and rise up from the bottom of his heart.

    Things had already come to such a point and Gu Xin Yan was still thinking of protecting that little brat! ? The fear that Lin Hao Yu felt towards Gu Ying was immediately replaced by that fiery rage and he disregarded Gu Xin Yan and opened his mouth to say:

    "Big Brother Gu Ying. Do you know that in this year's Battle of Deities Grand Meet, a youth from the Spirit Mastery race appeared?"

    Gu Ying's eyebrow arched up.

    "Spirit Mastery race? Never heard of it."

    Li Hao Yu then said: "That youth from the Spirit Mastery race possessed the Spirit Reinforcement ability, something that we have never seen, which imbues special abilities onto spirit bodies. That ability, had the Twelve Palaces scrambling madly to win him over but he rejected all the invitations from all the Twelve Palaces and joined the Spirit Jade Palace instead."

    "Spirit Jade Palace?" Gu Ying let out a light laugh. "Haven't that bunch of locusts died out yet?"
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