Chapter 1604: “The Devil Descends (3)”

    Chapter 1604: "The Devil Descends (3)"

    Lin Hao Yu secretly wiped at his cold sweat and bolstered up his courage as he related to Gu Ying all the unjust treatment they had all suffered in the Cloudy Brook Academy. And throughout the whole process, he inserted the figure Jun Wu into the narration from beginning to end, making it sound as if the dire straits that the Blood Fiend Palace was in had all been caused by Jun Wu. However, he did not say a single word about him setting Jun Wu up, and attempting to make Jun Wu submit to them.

    The more Gu Xin Yan heard, the more she felt that things didn't sound right. She wanted to open her mouth to speak a few times but Gu Ying gaze had terrified her into silence.

    By the time Lin Hao Yu finished, Gu Ying's face still had the same indiscernible smile, completely impossible to know whether he was delighted or angry.

    "That kid from the Spirit Mastery race sounds like he is rather capable. With the strength of just one person alone, he was able to incite everyone from all the other palaces to go against all of you." Gu Ying said with a smile on his lips, his eyes looking straight at Lin Hao Yu, causing the skin upon Lin Hao Yu's back to crawl.

    Lin Hao Yu gulped loudly and then said: "That's right. Jun Wu looks like he would usually not utter a single word to anyone, but when he does, he is able to distort the truth so completely to convince people black is white."

    When Lin Hao Yu had heard the words Jun Wu, his eyes immediately lit up.

    "Jun Wu? You said that the kid from the Spirit Mastery race is called Jun Wu?"

    "Yes..... Yes, that's right." Lin Hao Yu gulped again as he said.

    "Surnamed Jun as well....." Gu Ying muttered as he stroked his chin, his eyes seemingly looking like he was thinking of something.

    Lin Hao Yu did not dare to say anything needlessly at that moment.

    "What kind of characteristics does that Jun Wu have?" Gu Ying then asked.

    Lin Hao Yu then replied: "He doesn't really have any exceptional characteristics but just has a rather skinny body and is short, his face always cold and expressionless. And one more thing, Jun Wu stays just opposite Xin Yan."

    In Gu Ying's mind, the image of the youth he saw in the corridor suddenly rose up.

    That youth was somewhat similar to a certain person in his memory and was also completely different at the same time.

    That person in his memory, was similarly petite, but one size smaller than Jun Wu. And most importantly, that person's powers was not as insignificant as Jun Wu whom Lin Hao Yu was telling him about. It could be said that Jun Wu was completely different from that person and the only similarity between the two was just the eyes.

    Both just as clear and cold, upon a highly unremarkable face, making the eyes even more beautiful in contrast.

    And, the fact that both of them were surnamed "Jun"!

    Was that just a coincidence or what? Gu Ying found it highly intriguing.

    "Big Brother Gu Ying..... Our Blood Fiend Palace has really been tormented by Jun Wu to such a state. It's really....." Lin Hao Yu could not decipher what Gu Ying was thinking. He had already summoned up all his courage to say so much and if Gu Ying still did not react, he would really become rather anxious.

    Gu Ying regained his senses and then said with a smile: "I came here this time, only to deliver the medicine for Xu Mu. Although I was once a disciple of this Cloudy Brook Academy, the academy does not seem to welcome me. I'm afraid that you will have to deal with this matter yourselves."

    Gu Ying's words startled Lin Hao Yu a little. He could not believe that Gu Ying would one day comply with someone's orders, following the rules diligently. All of these, were completely different from that Gu Ying he remember, the devil that viewed everything around him to be nothing but trash!

    "Lin Hao Yu was highly disappointed, but he did not dare say much about it.

    But Gu Xin Yan's gaze was still secretly staring at the smiling Gu Ying.

    Lin Hao Yu did not understand Gu Ying all that much, but Gu Xin Yan knew Gu Ying very well.

    She knew just how much of Gu Ying's words was to be believed.
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