Chapter 1605: “The Devil Descends (4)”

    Chapter 1605: "The Devil Descends (4)"

    If there came a day that Gu Ying would really discard his own personal whims and fancies, then that would be the day that the lands under the Heavens would fall into turmoil.

    The reason why Gu Ying had left the Cloudy Brook Academy was well known to Gu Xin Yan. If Gu Ying was a person who observed the rules and acted according to convention, then the tragedy would not have occured at that time. Even after so many years have passed, Gu Xin Yan still understood that Gu Ying was still the same Gu Ying, and that bloodthirstiness and that maniacal murderous streak in him had never changed at all.

    "You said earlier that the one who wounded Xu Mu was Jun Wu's teacher, Su Ya?" Gu Ying's words suddenly turned its edge around.

    Lin Hao Yu nodded. Gu Ying's face then showed a highly chilling smile.

    "It's about time that I should bring the medicine to Xu Mu already." Saying that, Gu Ying got up. Lin Hao Yu stared uncomprehendingly at Gu Ying while Gu Xin Yan sat there with a tinge of worry in her eyes.

    Gu Ying's earlier question had caused a strong sense of unease to rise up within her heart.

    When Gu Ying came walking out from the room past the door, he was suddenly met with two teachers of the Cloudy Brook Academy who stood there with terse faces. When those two people saw Gu Ying come out, they immediately went forward in approach.

    "Teacher Tian Ze has told us that if you are going anywhere, you will be accompanied by us and approval has to be seeked from him."

    Gu Ying gave a light laugh and said: "Teacher Tian Ze is being really anxious. I am going to deliver the medicine to Xu Mu now. Does he then agree to that?"

    The two teachers exchanged a glance between themselves and then nodded their heads at Gu Ying.

    The two people then moved to stand on both sides of Gu Ying, watching him carefully without taking their eyes off the youth for a moment.

    Gu Ying was not discomfited by it in the slightest and his face was still filled with smiles as he went towards Xu Mu's room under the watchful gazes of the two men. Along the way, the strange combination of the trio attracted the attention of quite a number of disciples and many of them turned their gazes upon them in curiosity.

    Gu Ying seemed like he really did not intend to do anything else and arrived peacefully at Xu Mu's room. Xu Mu was still in a semiconscious state as he lay upon his bed and there were a few teachers from the Medical faculty watching over him. Gu Ying went there and handed the Blood Fiend Palace's medicine to the teachers as the two other teachers accompanying him watched sternly by the side, highly guarded.

    "I have a request to make." Gu Ying turned around and said to the two teachers.

    "What is it?"

    "I would like to meet the person who injured Xu Mu." Gu Ying said with a smile.

    The brows of the two accompanying teachers immediately arched up.

    "The fact that the Cloudy Brook Academy does not interfere into the strife and conflicts between disciple is clear to me. But I had heard that the person who wounded Xu Mu into such a state had seemingly not been a disciple of the Cloudy Brook Academy, but was instead a teacher in here. Although teachers have the right to discipline disciples, but having a teacher from another faculty interfering into the discipline of a disciple and the fact that he had laid such a heavy hand seems to be a little hard to brush off just like this. Don't you agree?" It was clear that Gu Ying knew the system of the Cloudy Brook Academy very well.

    The two teachers were looking hesitant and finally, one remained behind in guard while the other one went to find Tian Ze to seek Tian Ze's opinion, causing Tian Ze to immediately rush over personally.

    His face was dark as he stared at the amiable looking and smiling Gu Ying.

    "You want to see Su Ya?" Tian Ze asked, staring brusquely at Gu Ying.

    Gu Ying then replied: "The Blood Fiend Palace had suffered such a blow to lose one of their most elite disciples and I think, as the next in line to become the Palace Lord, I have the right to meet with the person who wounded him. Or, could it be that Teacher Tian Ze is worried that I might do something untoward against Teacher Su Ya?"

    Tian Ze did not know what to say to that.

    [Gu Ying to do something "untoward" against Su Ya! ?]

    [That must be the biggest joke he's heard! Even he was not a match for Su Ya at all and with the kind of power Gu Ying holds, to want to find trouble with Su Ya, he had better reweigh himself.]
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