Chapter 1606: “The Devil Descends (5)”

    Chapter 1606: "The Devil Descends (5)"

    "You can, but Su Ya has a bad temper and if you become offensive with your words and Su Ya comes to do anything to you, the academy would not raise a hand to interfere in anyway." Tian Ze said coldly.

    Gu Ying then smiled and said: "What is Teacher Tian Ze saying now. I am just merely thinking to see Teacher Su Ya and do not intend to do anything disrespectful. Why would Teacher Su Ya even bother to hold anything against a small junior like me?"

    Gu Ying's words were pleasing to the ear but Tian Ze still sneered in his heart.

    [A kid like you dares to try being disrespectful to a Teacher?]

    Tian Ze had wanted to give Gu Ying a thrashing from long ago but the rules of the academy had stopped him from doing so. But though the rules of the academy worked on him, they were no better than gas passed out from one's behind!

    Or else Xu Mu would not have been beaten up into such a bad state.

    Harbouring the hope that Su Ya would teach Gu Ying a lesson, Tian Ze agreed to Gu Ying's request, and he even personally brought Gu Ying to go to the Spirit Mastery faculty that Su Ya was at that very afternoon.

    It was in the afternoon and Jun Wu Xie was making her way towards the Spirit Mastery faculty to carry out the afternoon's portion of her cultivation training. Before she came to reach the Spirit Mastery faculty's doors, she could already see Tian Ze leading Gu Ying to come in front of the place.

    Jun Wu Xie's footsteps halted slightly and then quickly reverted back to normal, her face calm and composed as she walked slowly over.

    Tian Ze stood outside the doors and knocked for what seemed like half a day but did not get any kind of response from inside. He was feeling rather frustrated even he suddenly saw Jun Wu Xie slowly approaching and Tian Ze's instinctively wanted to reveal a smile. But when his eyes saw Gu Ying at the side, he immediately restrained that smile before it was revealed.

    "Jun Wu, is Su Ya inside?" Tian Ze asked, looking highly serious.

    Jun Wu Xie acted like she had never seen Gu Ying before and her gaze merely swept over Tian Ze as she said expressionlessly: "Master had not left from the Spirit Mastery faculty."

    [That means she's inside? Then why are you not opening the door! ! !]

    Tian Ze was roaring inside his heart but his face was still a stern and stoic front.

    Jun Wu Xie then seemed to see Tian Ze's frustration as she took a step forward to knock on the door.

    The same door that Tian Ze had knocked insistently for like half an hour quickly opened with just two light knocks from Jun Wu Xie. Behind the door was the ravishing and alluring Su Ya, whose face was tinged with a pink flush from drinking, her half narrowed eyes peering at the three people standing outside.

    "Little brat, coming to disturb my rest again." Su Ya acted like she had not seen Tian Ze and Gu Ying at all as she stretched out her long slender arm to pull Jun Wu Xie inside and then lifting a foot to kick the door close.

    Tian Ze stretched his hand out to stop the door from closing and cold sweat ran within his heart but he forced a stoic expression to remain upon his face.

    "What?" Su Ya said as she looked at Tian Ze, the expression on her face looking like "you're asking for a beating?".

    Tian Ze quickly said: "This person is sent by the Blood Fiend Palace and he would like to talk about the incident that happened to Xu Mu with you."

    "And what kind of an onion is this Xu Mu?" Su Ya asked with her eyebrow arched up. (Translator note: "which bulb of an onion" usually used as a question to signify the aforementioned person was a nobody)

    Tian Ze was caught speechless.

    [Xu Mu is not an onion! He's that most unlucky egg that had his spirit meridians completely severed by a thrashing from you!]

    Even though his heart wanted to shout out, Tian Ze still pretended to be highly composed as he said: "That disciple from the Spirit Power faculty whom you taught a lesson to not too long ago."

    "Oh." Su Ya nonchalantly acknowledged, her gaze then shifting over to look at Gu Ying besides Tian Ze.

    Gu Ying had a handsome countenance and there was a big smile on his face. People who did not know his real personality would find it hard to develop any bad impressions against him but Su Ya already did not like him the moment she set her eyes on him.

    It was not due to anything else but only because she noticed that Gu Ying's gaze had passed fleetingly over her little disciple, almost unnoticeably.
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