Chapter 1607: “Shielding One’s Charge”

    Chapter 1607: "Shielding One's Charge"

    That gaze filled with a disarming smile, greatly displeased Su Ya.

    [Where had this little snot faced kid sprouted out from? Why is he even staring at her very own dumb disciple for! ? Has he never seen such an adorable little youth before! ?]

    "Come in." Su Ya said coldly, with one hand leading Jun Wu, never looking straight at Gu Ying even once.

    Tian Ze went inside with Gu Ying, Gu Ying's face beaming with smiles the entire time, not affected at all by Su Ya's icy demeanor.

    "What is there to talk about? Spit it out. This woman here was the one who injured that kid. What? You want money in compensation or do you want my life?" Su Ya sat herself down upon the soft lounge looking highly at ease as she pressed Jun Wu right by her side, her demeanor protective of her charge.

    Tian Ze was bathed in cold sweat, feeling that Su Ya's words might have been a little too direct.

    Gu Ying then said with a laugh: "Xu Mu was disrespectful towards Teacher Su Ya first and Teacher Su Ya had merely thought to deal with Xu Mu according to the rules of the Cloudy Brook Academy. Your junior here has no other motives but to carry through the motions due to my father's orders. I beg that Teacher Su Ya would not take offence."

    Gu Ying's attitude was astounding polite and if not for the fact that Jun Wu Xie had seen Gu Ying before, it would have been really hard to believe that this highly courteous and well mannered youth was the same devil that killed indiscriminately at whim back in the Zephyr Academy. This attitude that changed like it was a completely different person, was rather surprising to see.

    But, Su Ya was not impressed by Gu Ying's antics and no matter how well mannered Gu Ying was, Su Ya was still highly distant and cold.

    "Going through the motions? What kind of motions do you want to go through? Should we drag that kid here and let this woman thrash him up once more so that we can reenact the entire scene for you to see?"

    Tian Ze almost wanted to fall to his knees before Su Ya. [Just what was wrong with her that she has to be so fiesty?]

    "That is not needed. I merely wanted to ask how Xu Mu had disrespected Senior Su Ya that's all. Xu Mu is afterall a member of our Blood Fiend Palace and if he kicks up a ruckus which results in an incident in here, it would naturally be the Blood Fiend Palace that's in the wrong. If we have offended you in any way, we would then be able to deal with it appropriately." Gu Ying spoke gracefully and in a refined manner, his attitude frighteningly amiable.

    Jun Wu Xie did not rest her gaze upon Gu Ying in the slightest but only had her head lowered in silence, looking like all of it had nothing to do with her, but her ears had not missed a single word that Gu Ying uttered.

    [A person like him is able to pretend to such an extent?]

    Just how lawlessly and unrestrained had Gu Ying been in the Lower Realm, having been extremely arrogant. But seeing him once again after the last parting had made it seem as if he had completely changed into another person, regardless whether it was his speech or his actions, the tone he spoke with, they were all totally different. If the same thing had happened back in the Lower Realm, Jun Wu Xie was certain that Gu Ying would not sit here to speak so calmly with Su Ya, but would have already struck.

    [Just what was different here that caused Gu Ying to restrain himself like this? Or could it be that he has an ulterior motive?]

    Faced with Gu Ying, Jun Wu Xie could not help but to be wary with what she did.

    The reason why Xu Mu had been thrashed up by Su Ya was widely known throughout the Cloudy Brook Academy. It was just because Xu Mu had blatantly gone to the Waning Moon Chambers and cursed at Jun Wu incessantly, where he was even going to strike Jun Wu.

    But when those words were spread, things took on a subtle and intriguing change.

    At the Cloudy Brook Academy, all teachers were not allowed to interfere with any fights and conflicts between the disciples, even when their disciples were definitely not a match for their opponents. As long as their methods were not too vicious or cruel, the disciples had to deal with it themselves.

    But Su Ya had adamantly stepped forth to resolve Jun Wu's crisis and it had been before Jun Wu had suffered any kind of injury, which was obvious to see that that had been against the rules of the Cloudy Brook Academy.
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