Chapter 1608: “Shielding One’s Charge (2)”

    Chapter 1608: "Shielding One's Charge (2)"

    Tian Ze looked at Su Ya a little nervously. The matter could blow up to epic proportions and if the Blood Fiend Palace insisted to harp on this, the Cloudy Brook Academy's reputation might be affected.

    Su Ya looked at the smiling Gu Ying and then casually stretched her hand out to lift the wine gourd at her hip to take a good long draw of the wine before she said: "That little bastard disrupted this woman sleep."


    Su Ya's reply immediately caused everyone there to be stunned.

    Even Jun Wu Xie had not thought that Su Ya would throw out such an irresponsible conclusion.

    [Disrupted her sleep?]

    The incident with Xu Mu had been a boiling topic that spread throughout the Cloudy Brook Academy and everyone knew what had exactly happened. But Su Ya was blatantly lying with her eyes wide open and doing it like she had every right to do that which even made Tian Ze to become speechless, unable to find a single word to say to that.

    Gu Ying was similarly startled by Su Ya's words and it was quite a while before he recovered his senses.

    "What? Shouting out so loudly when it's time for a teacher to rest which affected the teacher rest is not being disrespectful? Do you know how hard this woman had worked trying to research into spirit power and just had the opportunity to rest for a little bit but my dreams had to be interrupted rudely by someone which very nearly caused my spirit power to reverse its flow?" Su Ya snorted in contempt, her expression tyrannically saying that the fact she had not beaten Tian Ze to death was already the greatest mercy she could possibly show to Xu Mu.

    Jun Wu Xie listened highly intently at the side. If she remembered things correctly, before Xu Mu came to kick up a ruckus, besides drinking, Su Ya had not been engaged in any kind of honest or earnest "work", and with her needing to rest..... she must surely have had too much drink.

    However, those words in Jun Wu Xie's mind, would naturally be left unspoken.

    Tian Ze felt like he really had to give it to Su Ya. To be able to shield one's charge and using such a blatant lie of righteousness and justice to cover up. Throughout the entire Cloudy Brook Academy, it was deemed that only Su Ya would be capable of such a feat and no one else.

    If the entire truth was dragged out here and exposed, the Blood Fiend Palace would have a handle against them and Jun Wu would be pulled into all of it. But with Su Ya saying it like this, she had cleanly heaped all responsibility upon herself, never once mentioning Jun Wu Xie, like all of this did not concern Jun Wu in the very slightest and everything had happened because Xu Mu had disturbed Su Ya's rest.

    The pitiful Xu Mu besides having been beaten half to death, had now even been branded a criminal who offended a teacher.....

    Haiz, shielding one's pupil to such an extent, was really just too maniacal for words.

    With that, no matter how Gu Ying wanted to pursue the matter, he would not be able to do anything about it.

    Su Ya had already said it to such an extent and afterall, no one would be able to ascertain what Su Ya had been doing right at that moment, making it impossible to know whether Su Ya had struck because of Jun Wu or for her own sake. Such a situation, made everything unclear, and impossible to unravel.

    "Xu Mu had naturally been wrong. He had disturbed Teacher Su Ya's rest and Teacher Su Ya was right in disciplining him, but there is one point that your junior does not understand." Gu Ying said still smiling.

    "Speak." Su Ya said impatiently.

    "The facts that your junior here heard in the Cloudy Brook Academy says the truth of the matter is a different story. They said that Xu Mu was going to spar with Teacher Su Ya's disciple Jun Wu and Teacher Su Ya had injured Xu Mu before there was any contact between the disciples. It makes me can't help but wonder..... what really happened then?" Gu Ying said, beaming with smiles.

    Su Ya laughed scornfully and tilted up her chin. "Really?" After saying that, she turned her head to look at Jun Wu. "That little bastard wanted to spar with you?"

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head very cooperatively.

    Su Ya then turned back to look at Gu Ying.

    "Why does this woman not know a thing about that? But as you have said yourself, they had not even started sparring and that kid had already been thrashed to a pulp by this woman here. Which would you now say is the truth?"
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