Chapter 1609: “Shielding One’s Charge (3)”

    Chapter 1609: "Shielding One's Charge (3)"

    Su Ya was just being an absolute thug!

    [You are saying that this woman is poking my hands into the affairs of the disciples?]

    [But too bad for you, before they had even starting to fight this woman had already thrashed him up properly. So if you were to base it on the sequence of events, this woman had beat him up first.]

    Su Ya's highly tyrannical manner refuted all the words that Gu Ying had said completely and Gu Ying had initially planned to draw Jun Wu out but Su Ya had not budged in the slightest in her defence of her disciple but heaped all responsibility onto herself which completely shattered Gu Ying's plan in an instant.

    "Teacher Su Ya is right. Your junior has been too dense and I ask that Teacher Su Ya to not take offence. I have disturbed you enough today and your junior should take his leave now. In regards to the incident with Xu Mu, the Blood Fiend Palace will definitely give you a satisfactory reply." Gu Ying did not tarry any longer and he immediately stood up to leave.

    Su Ya gave a big yawn, unwilling to even utter a single word of the usual pleasantries and Tian Ze had to see Gu Ying out from there.

    Until after Gu Ying and Tian Ze left, the lazy languidness then immediately faded from Su Ya's face and she pulled Jun Wu who was about to go about with his cultivation to come stand right before her.

    Jun Wu Xie blinked her eyes in puzzlement as she looked at her Master whose domineering tyranny had faded away.

    "You know that kid?" Su Ya asked with her eyes narrowed, as she stared seriously at Jun Wu.

    Jun Wu Xie had not thought that Su Ya's senses would be that sharp as after Gu Ying had appeared, she had not even looked at Gu Ying once and Gu Ying had not paid her all that much attention as well. But despite all that, Su Ya had still caught on somehow.

    Right at the moment, Jun Wu Xie did not know how she was to answer.

    She should just deny everything but she did not want to use lies against Su Ya who had treated her with a sincere heart.

    Throughout the entire episode earlier, Su Ya had taken on an unwavering stance of protecting her and Jun Wu Xie was not willing to repay that with deceit but she also did not want to drag Su Ya into the plans she had planned which would just bring Su Ya unnecessary trouble.

    Afterall, knowing Su Ya's character, if she came to know the kind of grievance she had with the Twelve Palaces, she would definitely jump right out and stand up for her.

    Jun Wu Xie could only choose to remain silent.

    Faced with silence, Su Ya just gave a long sigh. "I will not probe any further on what happened between you and him but as your Master, I need to remind you that that kid is not to be trifled with carelessly. Although his power is only at the stage level of the Purple Spirit, the murderous aura exuding from his entire body is somewhat startling. People like this are highly prone to slaughter and many a time, fighting someone like this does not depend only on the power levels of the two parties. If the day comes that you have to fight him, you will have to strike quick, lethal and and true to the mark. If you are unable to kill him with one single strike, immediately escape. Do not give him the chance to strike."

    Su Ya looked earnestly at Jun Wu, her tone tinged with a kind of seriousness that Jun Wu Xie had never heard before.

    Jun Wu might not have noticed it but Su Ya had detected it.

    Although Gu Ying had only mentioned Jun Wu once, his words had nevertheless seeked to drag Jun Wu into the picture. With that, Gu Ying had done it highly subtly and if Su Ya had not seen that seemingly innocuous glance that Gu Ying had thrown upon Jun Wu, even she might not have noticed anything amiss.

    "Your disciple understands." Jun Wu Xie replied, snapping back to her senses and nodded her head. No matter how Su Ya had detected that she and Gu Ying knew each other, Su Ya was doing all of this for her sake.

    Truthfully, Jun Wu Xie found Gu Ying's appearance here a little strange as well. From the moment Gu Ying appeared here till he left, it would seem like he had been asking Su Ya about the incident with Xu Mu. But thinking about it carefully, one would discover that he had not questioned about anything, to the extent that even Su Ya's highly implausible explanation, he had not raised any doubts nor probed any further for more details.
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