Chapter 1611: “Madly in Love with Medicine (1)”

    Chapter 1611: "Madly in Love with Medicine (1)"

    The glorious glow of dusk washed upon Gu Ying's handsomely featured face, the slight smile at the corners of his lips deepening its arc quietly, filling up with a murderous edge that replaced the original gentle smile. Under the dusky glow, it looked a little strange.

    Suddenly, a black shadow leapt over to come to Gu Ying's side.

    "Young Lord."

    Gu Ying turned his eyes and looked at the black robed man.

    "Those old folks in the Cloudy Brook Academy have their guard up against me and if we are to locate that thing, it seems that you guys are needed." Gu Ying smile was tinged with the same bloodthirstiness that Jun Wu Xie was once familiar with before, a completely different person from when he had been in the Cloudy Brook Academy.

    "What the Young Lord means is?" The black robed man asked warily.

    "The fact that the Cloudy Brook Academy was able to hold its own sitting between the Twelve Palaces and the Nine Palaces and have some many powers wary of them all this time must have been due to a good reason. That old thing was not willing to reveal much and if you guys are going to investigate, you will have to be careful and not let them have a handle against us." Gu Ying said with softly with both his hands clasped behind his back. His voice then paused for a moment before he continued on to say: "When you are searching for that thing, help me check on a person as well."


    "The person staying right opposite Gu Xin Yan, Jun Wu." Su Ya had protected Jun Wu too completely and he had attempted a few times to divert the topic onto Jun Wu, trying to make Jun Wu speak up. But all his attempts were completely quashed by Su Ya and Jun Wu did not even speak a single word from beginning to end, making it impossible for him to determine any further facts from it.

    Without knowing why, there was a very strong premonition in Gu Ying's heart that this Jun Wu was intricately linked to Jun Xie in some way.

    Those eyes, had been too similar.

    "Then would you need your subordinate to have him killed?" The dark robed man then asked, his tone of voice filled with intense murder.

    Gu Ying however shook his head. "You will only need to force him to summon out his Ring Spirit and you must not take his life."

    Some delicacies, he would like to leave for himself to savour.

    "Of course, severe injuries or its like, I do not mind." Under those words said with a smile, was a strong sinister intent.

    "Your subordinate will carry out your orders." The dark robed man acknowledged.

    Gu Ying nodded his head in satisfaction, a slightly haughty smile on his lips. He slowly walked down towards the foot of the mountain, while in the dense woods behind him, several tens of dark shadows fleeted speedily pass in flashes.

    Upon the silent Mount Fu Yao, everything happened without a sound.

    After sending Gu Ying out of the Cloudy Brook Academy, Tian Ze went immediately to the little old man's study. But searching an entire round for him, Tian Ze could not find any signs of the little old man. He was mulling things through when he suddenly caught the faint fragrant scent of herbs.

    An ominous premonition rose up within Tian Ze's heart. He followed that scent and passed through the quiet courtyard, before coming to a stop in front of a room at the back of the courtyard.

    The location of this tiny room was well hidden, situated in a far corner of the residence of the Cloudy Brook Academy's Headmaster. Evergreen pine and cypress were planted all around the place and there was a rack of shelves placed outside the room, filled with layer upon layer of bamboo hats. Those bamboo hats placed on the shelves had all been turned over where they were filled with various kinds of herbs.

    Under these Heavens, the one person who used bamboo hats to hold all kinds of herbs were surely a rarity.

    The door of the little room was tightly shut but that faint fragrant scent of herbs continued to waft out from inside.

    Tian Ze immediately felt his eyelid twitching furiously and he moved almost like lightning as he charged straight to the door and pushed the door right open!

    "Master! Haven't we come to an agreement that you are only allowed to cultivate medicine only for one day in a month? If you are to burn down this place once more, what are we going to do! ?" In the very instant Tian Ze pushed the door open and shot himself inside, he immediately howled out mournfully in dismay.
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