Chapter 1613: “Madly in Love with Medicine (3)”

    Chapter 1613: "Madly in Love with Medicine (3)"

    "You don't allow me to call you Master, but still claim on your own to be "your Master's"....." Tian Ze could not hold himself back from saying.

    The little old man picked up a piece of firewood beside him and threw it towards Tian Ze which Tian Ze just barely managed to dodge.

    "Unfilial disciple! What have you even come here for? To come frustrate me! ?" The little old man blustered angrily.

    Tian Ze was feeling highly helpless. "Master, I really do not mean to do that, but your medicine cultivation is really....." [killing me!]

    "You dare say one more word, would you believe that I will put you right into the stove to cultivate you instead! ? You dare to doubt your Master's medical proficiency! Do not forget! Your Master is a Doctor! !" The little old man continued to bluster in protest.

    Tian Ze secretly smirked to himself. [What doctor! ? Wasn't that a title you only managed to get for yourself through threats and bait, having beaten people up so badly they had to search for the teeth on the ground?]

    "How infuriating! I will now cultivate this peerless and unmatched elixir to show you immediately!" The little old man become more agitated the more he thought about it.

    Tian Ze's face was one of hopelessness.

    "What are you doing still standing there in a daze? If you have nothing better to do then come help me fan the fire!" The little old man shouted as he threw the palm shaped fan in his hand onto Tian Ze's face.

    Tian Ze could only resign himself to his fate and went to take the little old man's place with the fan held in his hand, squatting beside the medicine stove to fan the fire.

    The little old man had finally freed himself and without considering his own disciple's suffering, he brought a little stool over and sat down on one side as he urged Tian Ze to work harder at it.

    Tian Ze could only obediently comply when he suddenly remembered his objective for coming here in the first place. He said as he continued with the fanning: "Master, Gu Ying has left."

    "Good riddance. Having him stay in the Cloudy Brook Academy and needing you to watch him is such a hindrance. It's a lot less trouble now that he's gone." It was clear that the little old man couldn't be bothered whether Gu Ying left or stayed. All that he cared for was whether the medicine within the medicine stove would come out well.

    He had followed every single step written upon that highly detailed prescription he had gotten from Jun Wu this time and towards the result he would get, the little old man was feeling highly confident!

    Very soon, he would be able to prove his "proficiency" and talent in Medicine!

    Tian Ze was stumped by the little old man's words and everything that he wanted to say were all stuffed back down his throat, not even given the chance to be voiced out.

    Hence, the two men, one old and one young squatted inside that tiny room as they continued to work on the medicine stove.

    Night fell upon them silently as the darkness shrouded the entire Cloudy Brook Academy. The bright moon hung in the air and all the youths who had toiled for a day were finally able to drag their exhausted minds and bodies back to their room for some much needed rest.

    Jun Wu Xie came back to her room and stretched to loosen up her limbs. She had not forgotten that while on her way back here, she had vaguely discovered Lin Hao Yu hiding in the shadows, his gaze sinister as he watched her.

    Towards a character like Lin Hao Yu, Jun Wu Xie really could not be bothered to waste her time on him.

    "Young Miss." The figures of Ye Sha and Ye Gu silently appeared before Jun Wu Xie. They had followed Jun Wu Xie's orders to go inform Qiao Chu and the others and they had then stayed within the shadows to protect Jun Wu Xie, against any moves that Gu Ying might make.

    "Hmm?" Jun Wu Xie sat herself down upon a chair, and both Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit jumped out from Ye Sha and Ye Gu's arms, tottering as they bounded over to come beside Jun Wu Xie's feet, one on each side as they tried to win Jun Wu Xie's attention. Jun Wu Xie good naturedly summoned Little Lotus to bring out some lotus leaves for the two dumb beasts and when she saw the two of them eating the lotus leaves so happily, Jun Wu Xie's eyes softened quite a bit.

    "Gu Ying has left the Cloudy Brook Academy." Ye Sha said.

    When Tian Ze sent Gu Ying out, he and Ye Gu had been hidden in the dark shadows, where they saw with their own eyes, Gu Ying walking out from the gates of the Cloudy Brook Academy.
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