Chapter 1614: “Dangers Under the Dark Night (1)”

    Chapter 1614: "Dangers Under the Dark Night (1)"

    "Gu Ying had already left the Cloudy Brook Academy." Ye Sha said.

    When Tian Ze sent Gu Ying out, he and Ye Gu had been hidden in the dark shadows, where they saw with their own eyes, Gu Ying walking out from the gates of the Cloudy Brook Academy.

    "Left?" Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed slightly. [Gu Ying has left just like that?]

    Having seen Gu Ying once more, Jun Wu Xie could not help but feel that things were a little too simple. From the moment Gu Ying had appeared till he left, everything had been so normal that it felt a little too strange, very unlike his character. In Jun Wu Xie's mind, every time she met Gu Ying, it was always accompanied by death and blood. With things being so peaceful this time, it had not only not made her relaxed but had instead pulled the string in her heart taut.

    "Did anything unusual happen after he left?" Jun Wu Xie asked.

    Ye Sha shook his head. "We only followed him up to the gate and did not continue following after that."

    Ye Sha's and Ye Gu's main objective was to ensure Jun Wu Xie's safety and as the people in the Cloudy Brook Academy did not only include people from the Twelve Palaces with quite a number of disciples from the earlier batches belonging to the Nine Temples, they did not dare to stray too far away from Jun Wu Xie which made them decide to not continue to tail Gu Ying.

    Jun Wu Xie was thoughtful as she lowered her eyes. The appearance of Gu Ying somehow made her feel that things would not end so simply.

    Ye Gu who stood at the side did not say a word but just kept silent as he continued to stand there. But all of a sudden, he seemed to detect something and his gaze turned to look outside the window.

    "Ye Gu?" Jun Wu Xie noticed Ye Gu's unusual reaction.

    Ye Gu's eyebrow arched up and he said: "Intruders."

    "Who are they?" Jun Wu Xie immediately asked.

    "It's still not clear but the one certain thing is that they are not people from the Cloudy Brook Academy. When Young Miss came into the Cloudy Brook Academy, Ye Sha and me have already sensed out everyone's aura within this place completely but the presence I sense now are a number of unfamiliar auras that have blended into the place." Ye Gu's eyes were narrowed. There were a good number of those unfamiliar spirit energies but they were not concentrated together in one place. But suddenly having so many of them appear within the Cloudy Brook Academy had caused his guard to rise.

    Jun Wu Xie had also detected the strange phenomenon. "How are their powers?"

    Ye Gu quietened down and sent out senses to probe before he said: "They're all of the Purple Spirit's third level and above. There are about more than twenty of them and a few of them among them should have already reached the realm of the Silver Spirit."

    Ye Gu's power was far greater than Ye Sha's and that was why before Ye Sha sensed anything, Ye Gu had been able to sense the intruders.

    "Silver Spirit?" Jun Wu Xie was slightly taken aback. He had thought that these intruders very probably had something to do with Gu Ying but Ye Gu was saying that among these people there were Silver Spirits?

    Throughout the Twelve Palaces, only the various Palace Lords themselves had been able to attain the Silver Spirit and the Palace Lords would naturally not run such a risk themselves like this.

    Gu Ying was merely a member of the Blood Fiend Palace and even if he wanted to make a move, how was he able to convince a Silver Spirit do his bidding? And from what Ye Gu said, there was more than one Silver Spirit among this group of people. If the Blood Fiend Palace had more than two Silver Spirits among them, why would they need to struggle against the Flame Demons Palace for so many years and there was still no clear winner between them?

    Moreover a third level Purple Spirit, to any of the palaces, would be a highly prized elite where most of them would be at the Elder level. Unless there was a pressing need, none of the Twelve Palaces could possibly send out such much power at once which was just too terrifying!

    It would definitely be almost their entire might and why would the Blood Fiend Palace suddenly want to do something that drastic?

    The information that Ye Gu gave to Jun Wu Xie made Jun Wu Xie unable to determine the origins or identity of this group of people.
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