Chapter 1615: “Dangers Under the Dark Night (2)”

    Chapter 1615: "Dangers Under the Dark Night (2)"

    Under the cover of night, a group of people quietly came into the Cloudy Brook Academy. The people patrolling various areas of the Cloudy Brook Academy had completely not noticed that such a big group of people had infiltrated into the place.

    With the moon shining down, dark figures darted speedily past within the shadowy corners like venomous snakes hidden within the dark.

    The youths within the academy were already deep in sleep as the rigorous training and long cultivation hours had depleted all their energies and drained out their strength completely. When night fell, they had all fallen limply into the beds to snore loudly in sleep, none of them noticing anything out of place.

    Inside the Spirit Mastery faculty, Su Ya who was lying upon the soft lounge in sleep suddenly opened her eyes in the dark. Within the darkness, the usual highly lazy and languid gaze had dissipated from her bright pair of eyes, now filled with a razor sharp glint like blades unsheathed.

    In the Headmaster's courtyard, the little old man who was urging Tian Ze to fan the thin fan he held suddenly sat up straight, his eyes filled with vigor suddenly turning to look out through the open window, staring into the scenery shrouded by night.

    Feeling like his hand was almost about to fall off from fanning, Tian Ze suddenly noticed the change that had come over his Master. He was so exhausted he was almost falling asleep, his eyelids already drooping down.

    "Master..... can I rest already?" His mind was groggy, the sleepiness growing heavy with the warmth from the stove enveloping his entire body comfortably, the fragrant scent of the herbs highly soothing that made him feel like curling himself up upon the warm floor to snore away.

    "Moron, have you not noticed that we have "guests" here already?" The little old man said as he delivered a sharp rap to Tian Ze's head, before he carefully kept the piece of paper he had held in his hand all this time into his robes at his chest.

    Tian Ze was shocked awake by the little old man's words, driving away the sleepiness completely. His eyes flared wide open and he shot to his feet with a woosh. With the sleepiness faded away, he finally noticed the presence of unfamiliar spirit energies, his groggy eyes immediately becoming clear.

    "How rare is it?" The little old man said as he pushed himself up pressing on his knees, a hand slipping to his back to thump his back in massage. "We haven't had any uninvited guests for a long time already."

    "But this group of people have really chosen a wrong time. That medicine of mine is just about to be successfully cultivated and it will have to be delayed once again." The little old man said, his heart highly unwilling to part from this medicine stove he had laboured over for an entire day. According to the step by step guide, the medicine within the stove would be completed after just one more hour. What a pity, these people had to choose to come disturb at this time just when he was so focused on the task.

    Really a great pity.

    Tian Ze did not say anything but his eyes became stern and serious.

    The Cloudy Brook Academy had set the rule from a long time ago that without their approval, no one was to break in. Even for the Palace Lords of the Twelve Palaces and the Temple Lords of the Nine Temples, it was the same.

    But now, someone had silently slipped into the Cloudy Brook Academy and that was against the rules of the Cloudy Brook Academy. This was a direct challenge to the dignity and authority of the Cloudy Brook Academy!

    "It's alright Little Tian. All who come here are our guests and as the hosts, we have to show them our hospitality. Let's go." The little old man had both hands clasped behind his back, unhurried as he walked out in front while Tian Ze at the side moved like a bolt of lightning, charging out from inside the little house, his figure quickly disappearing into the dark night.

    The little old man watched the remnant shadow Tian Ze left behind from his departure as he shook his head slowly.

    "Young people just cannot hold themselves and are so highly impatient."

    Saying that, he slowly raised up a foot to take the first step. But at the very moment the tip of his toe touched the ground, the figure of the little old man suddenly wavered, like an imaginary shadow had been cloned, overlapping over each other together. With that slight waver of the figure of the little old man, in the next instant, the figure of the little old man suddenly disappeared from its spot, not even stirring up the a single gust of wind at all as he disappeared without a trace.
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