Chapter 1616: “Dangers Under the Dark Night (3)”

    Chapter 1616: "Dangers Under the Dark Night (3)"

    Between the loft blocks the disciples resided in, several black shadows shot fleetingly past, quiet as a breeze, without making the slightest sound.

    The Cloudy Brook Academy guards standing outside the lofts had their eyes looking straight ahead, never noticing that danger was approaching surreptitiously near.

    The two guards only felt a tinge of chill upon their necks and when they stretched their hands to feel their necks, they felt a warm stickiness upon their palms. They were not even able to utter a single sound before they fell to the ground under the night, their warm blood spilling out from the wound that had appeared on their necks, pulling on the ground.

    The thick stench of blood was dissipated by the breeze, gradually carrying the shroud of death to spread over the entire Cloudy Brook Academy.

    Several people hidden within the darkness then walked past soundlessly, leaving death and terror behind them.

    Jun Wu Xie sat within her room, a faint breeze blowing in through her slightly open window, the slightly chill wind tinged with the faint scent of blood. Though the scent was faint and very light, it struck Jun Wu Xie's heart like a heavy lightning bolt.

    Death had descended quietly without a sound. The group of intruders that Ye Gu had discovered were definitely not friendly and it seemed that someone within the Cloudy Brook Academy had succumbed under their hands.

    Though they have not met, but Jun Wu Xie knew that those people were foes and not friends!

    "Young Miss, will you need us to move?" Ye Sha's voice was tinged with a certain heaviness. In the past, he would always quietly await Jun Wu Xie's orders but this time, the enemies held might beyond what they had expected. Moreover, the identities of the people were still unknown and in such situations, Jun Wu Xie could easily fall into an disadvantageous situation.

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed up as she suddenly sat upright, to toss two bottles of medicine to Ye Sha and Ye Gu.

    "Swallow it."

    Ye Sha and Ye Gu did not question at all and just followed Jun Wu Xie's orders to swallow what they had been given.

    Jun Wu Xie then quietly dug out a pill about the size of a quail's egg from her Cosmos Sack which she held between her thumb and finger, to quickly crush to dust. A faint plume of smoke slowly emitted from the pill which was carried away by the breeze blowing in from outside, to spread through the gaps around Jun Wu Xie's door, into the loft building.

    "Young Miss?" Ye Gu was a little puzzled, not understanding what Jun Wu Xie was doing.

    Jun Wu Xie tugged at the corners of her clothes expressionlessly as she raised her foot to walk over to the door. When her hand grasped over the door handle, she then said softly: "The two of you do not need to make any moves."

    Upon saying that, Jun Wu Xie pulled her door open and walked outside.

    At the same time that Jun Wu Xie walked out from her room, within the completely empty corridor, several tall figures appeared. They all came walking out from their own rooms, several youths standing at their doors, exchanging glances with each other before their gazes finally fell upon the figure of Jun Wu Xie. And at that moment, a kind of excitement they had suppressed for so long now rose to show on their faces, within those pairs of bright eyes, a roaring blaze seemed to burn.

    Several dark shadows with the faint scent of blood clinging on their clothes walked into the highly silent loft building, where behind the many tightly shut doors, were completely defenceless and soundly asleep youths.

    The figures who moved silent as wraiths advanced within the loft building, through the dense darkness of the corridors, the only faint light coming from the window at the end of the hallway.

    The dark shadows advanced towards their target, to halt in their steps before a tightly locked door.

    At the very instant that they were about to break through the door and enter, a cold and clear voice suddenly sounded behind their backs!
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