Chapter 1617: “Dangers Under the Dark Night (4)”

    Chapter 1617: "Dangers Under the Dark Night (4)"

    "Could it be that no one has ever taught you that one should knock first before entering?"

    The voice that was tinged with a chill reached the ears of the several dark robed figures and surprise showed on the faces of the dark robed men. They turned themselves around immediately to see that a tiny figure had appeared, by the window with silvery moonlight spilling in. From the faint glow of the moonlight, it could be seen that it was a delicately featured youth, but what really surprised them was not that not too remarkable looking countenance, but was instead the bone chilling pair of eyes he possessed.

    The sudden appearance of the youth, had shocked a few of the dark robed men a little, as they had not detected the youth's presence in the slightest.

    The place that they were at, was where the freshmen of the Cloudy Brook Academy resided. They had not thought that such a thin looking little youth would be able to notice their presence.

    However, they were not intending to be so calculative with the kid and one of the dark robed men had upon the moment that that cold voice fell, already charged straight towards the youth standing under the moonlight.

    But before he could get closer to the youth in the slightest, several figures instantly came to stand in front, blocking off the youth. Several streaks of blinding Purple Spirit energies then exploded all at the same time straight towards the dark robed man who had leapt forward.

    The dark robed man was caught completely off guard. Having been attacked by several powerful Purple Spirits at the same time, he was pushed right back in an instant!

    By the time he was able to stabilise himself and take a good look, he and his companions at his back were all suddenly stunned!

    Under the brilliant glow of Purple Spirit energies, five figures suddenly stood before their eyes. They were five youths with highly outstanding looks and what surprised the group of black robed men even more was that upon the bodies of those young youths, were strong and intense Purple Spirit energies being emitted!

    The density of the spirit energy was that of the purest Purple Spirit and not the feigned Purple Spirit that was forcibly achieved through some technique or ability.

    But the youths all looked to be only so young but the powers they displayed right before their eyes surprised them a little.

    These youths were not just Purple Spirits, but their powers were all at the Purple Spirit's third level!

    Even in the Middle Realm, to attain a breakthrough into the Purple Spirit before twenty years of age was already seen as extremely difficult and if they were able to achieve that, that person would be deemed as a prodigy among prodigies, the best of the best, no need to even mention raising up their powers to the Purple Spirit's third level before turning twenty!

    It must be known that after breaking through to the Purple Spirit, the advancement of every single level called for highly suffocating torment.

    It was a miracle that could not possibly happen but here it was displayed right before their eyes, the spirit power emanating from the bodies of the youths so robust, impossible to fake.

    "We are all really lacking in manners here. Suddenly intruding into this place and they are still being so brutal. What a bunch of unlovable guests." Fan Zhuo's face had a gentle smile on it as he said nonchalantly.

    "What I would like to instead ask you guys here is what is a bunch of men thinking to do running to our Little Xie's room in the middle of the night?" Qiao Chu asked as he cracked his knuckles loudly, his slightly lifted chin filled with taunt.

    Besides Fan Zhuo and Qiao Chu, Hua Yao, Fei Yan and Rong Ruo were standing beside them while Jun Wu Xie behind them whom they shielded slowly walked to the front, her cold clear eyes staring at the stunned dark robed men with an unwavering gaze.

    "You were seeking me?"

    The dark robed men were all completely taken aback. Never had any of them thought that the person Gu Ying wanted them to investigate into would turn out to be the youth who had first spoken earlier!
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