Chapter 1618: “Dangers Under the Dark Night (5)”

    Chapter 1618: "Dangers Under the Dark Night (5)"

    According to what Gu Ying had said before, what they needed to investigate was just to look into one freshman of the Cloudy Brook Academy. But it was only till this moment that they realized that things were far beyond what they had thought. Not to mention how the tiny kid had soundlessly appeared behind their backs, just the powers of the other five youths standing behind Jun Wu had already far exceeded what any of them could have expected.

    And it was clear to see that the youths were completely on Jun Wu's side.

    That had immediately caused their investigations to take a surprising turn.

    "Eh, all of you were running to Little Xie's room and were up to no good right? That really wouldn't be good you know?" Fei Yan said as he smiled to the dark robed men. When Jun Wu Xie had come out from her room, they had immediately sensed it and they had all come out as well, to properly welcome this group of "special guests".

    "Is it really appropriate that you guys are revealing Little Xie like this?" Rong Ruo said with a slight sigh.

    Jun Wu Xie's name in the Cloudy Brook Academy did not contain the character "Xie".

    "You're saying it as if you had not exposed it as well." Qiao Chu retorted as his eyebrow lifted up.

    Hua Yao then spoke up in a cold voice: "It doesn't matter. Dead men tell no tales."

    The casual conversation between the several youths was instead appearing to be highly arrogant, their demeanor and tone of voice completely disregarding their enemies, which quickly caused the faces of the dark robed men to turn a highly ugly shade.

    [Though these kids possess quite a significant amount of power, but aren't they disregarding the whole group of men a little too much?]

    [With such arrogance in their words, do they really think that their powers are completely unparalleled?]

    "Little runts, all of you shall pay the price for your ignorance." One of the dark robed men among the group sneered, his body suddenly flaring out with the brilliant glow of the Purple Spirit, the extent of his powers exceeding that of Qiao Chu and the others.

    The Purple Spirit's fourth level!

    After one broke through to the Purple Spirit, advancing up every single level was an almost unbridgeable chasm, and the crushing aura from a Purple Spirit's fourth level to a Purple Spirit's third level was something unimaginable to average people.

    "Oh my! How terrifying! It's a fourth level Purple Spirit! I am being..... Scared! To! Death!" Qiao Chu exclaimed loudly with mock terror as he patted himself on his heart, the exaggerated expression on his face making it hard for people to not laugh. He lifted up a hand and placed it on Jun Wu Xie's shoulder, his face twisted up in a "I'm so scared" expression.

    "Little Xie, someone want to use his fourth level powers to beat us up. What do you say we should do?"

    Jun Wu Xie swept her expressionless gaze over Qiao Chu's highly exaggerated act and her cold eyes then turned to look at the dark robed man.

    "Who did you say..... was going to pay the price?" At the moment the chilly and nonchalant voice fell, Jun Wu Xie's body immediately flared with a highly intense hue of her Purple Spirit's glow as well! The kind of spirit power she possessed when compared to that of the dark robed man's, was seen to be stronger!

    The dark robed man who had been ready to teach Qiao Chu and the others a good lesson suddenly stared with his eyes widened in shock when he saw the Purple Spirit glow on Jun Wu's body, unable to believe what he was seeing.

    [This runt was actually a fourth level Purple Spirit?]

    [What could that be possible! ?]

    Not only the dark robed man was stunned. Even his companions behind him had jumped in shock by Jun Wu's display of power.

    Their main objective in coming into the Cloudy Brook Academy this time was to find a certain something and they had made a slight detour to come here only to fulfil Gu Ying's orders. They would never have thought that a freshman in the Cloudy Brook Academy would be all that powerful and hence, their group here had only consisted of one fourth level Purple Spirit and five third level Purple Spirits.
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